Here's some new pics of
Jake. We are all doing
just fine. Hope
everything is well.
Hi! I just wanted you to  see how our new baby is doing.  His
name is Corbin.  Shanda named him Corbin Lex.    Just to let
you know how spoilt he is... we could not allow him to stay at
home by himself so he came to school with me on Monday and
desk and he was good as gold.  I cannot thank-you enough
Shonda F
Hank is doing fine, he is already spoiled. He follows me
everywhere I go.
I have a question, where did he sleep?  My step-son wanted
him to sleep with him last night; and since it was the first night
wondering if he slept in a crate or just in a dog bed.   Thanks    
Hello Denise,
Well everything is going great. Just thought that
you would get a laugh with these pictures. We
have been showing everyone these pictures  of
Chief in his firegear and they are going crazy. I
gave 2 of the pictures today to the people at the
vet. They are going to put him in the drawing for
his costume. They still go crazy over him. Today
when I took Chief to the vet he weighed 11 lbs.
already. I will send more pictures soon! Cheryl
Hi Denise!
When we got  home  she had a cold but she is doing just fine.
The kids love her and so does my husband. I've included a
Thanks again for everything! Jay'me
Louis is so great. He made it from Knoxville to
Norfolk with no accidents and
then we walked him at the airport. He also did great
last night; I took him out
when he stirred at 1 and 4:30 and he had no
accidents all night either. The kids absolutely love
him!  I'll send pictures.Thanks again    Ange
I wanted to let you know that I just love my frenchie
that I got from you 'Martha' I named her 'Izzie'. She is
a very nice looking frenchie. Ellen is also very proud of
her bulldogs. Let me know about the new litters
Hi Denise
I am so happy and pleased with your pup. He's my
boy.I will send pics on and off.
I just wanted to write and tell you that everything is
good, and LuLu is growing like a weed!!!!! I dont
have any new pictures yet, but she is good, and Care.
Denise, Sorry we haven't emailed sooner. The holiday season
with family and little Robbie has been a bit hectic. We've
taken him in to the vet a few times and all is well so far.He
has met many family members. They all adored him. He plays
so long--it tires him out! He also met my sister'sdog--I think
he will be perfect for us and he'll be happy. I'll be in touch
soon. Thanks again!     Darren
Rain arrived perfectly...she was delayed 2 hours in Atlanta
She gets along well with the other dog- I think rain thinks
it's her mother...she acts as if she's been here for rest assured she is happy and fine.
We all got home ok. Rockford is enjoying his new
home . Thank you again for everything, he's
I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that Callie
I had to change her name because I have another dog named
Hallie and the two names were too close. I have named her
Doree  means golden in French.  She pretty much slept through
the plane ride.  I have tried to attach a couple of pictures,  but
have  been having trouble getting it to go through.  I will send
somelater. I love her.   I will keep in touch.Susan
Thought that you'd like to see
Tula's 2006 Christmas Picture.
With warm regards--Carol
wanted to let you know that mandy(aubree
has renamed her daisy) is just doing very
good, as you can see by the pictures she's
spoiled already, i believe she thinks she's
human, she wants constant attention and
won't sleep unless she's laying on a pillow
beside our bed at night, thanks for everything
and i'll send more pictures in the future, take
Here are some pictures of Doree, a.k.a. Callie, They
are best buddies. I just love her to death. She is so
much fun. I would love it if you could send me some
photos of Doree's parents if you have time. Talk to
you later, Susan Dove
He slept most of the night and didn't make a
peep. He was in a laundry basket up on the
bed with me. He wanted out around 3am, just
so he could sleep curled up in my hair resting
in Atlanta this morning. He has  met Brie the
little pom. He's the best dog Ever!Monica
Attached is a picture of Braddock getting a
Hi Denise. I thought you would like to see Izzie. She is so
funny, she plays with the other dogs constantly. She is so
different. the past few days her brindle is really coming out.
She looks so different, but very pretty brindle. Hope you all
have a nice Easter
He is getting so much bigger! I guess he had a growth
many toys he has my plants suffer. He has a favorite lawn
chair on the deck out back and he likes to lay on it with his
belly up to the sky. He is getting better with 'No' and is
grown too).
His little personality is really coming out as well. He is very
goofy and a bit defiant. When I get mad at him for acting
up, he gets mad at me for making him mind. He just turns
would like to think he loves me...but in the true frenchie
way, he loves long as they hold him and give
him a yummy treat.
Hope you and Larry are doing well! Monica
I thought I would give you an update on Mona!! She is
just the sweetest thing we just love her. We are so glad
we have her, she is just about potty trained. She is out of
her cage all the time except when she wants to nap. Its
scratching and barking at her cage.
Mona helped find Easter eggs with Grace. Thank you so
much! Vickie
Mason now known as echo.........he is just one awsome
more time -thank you for echo
Hi Denise,
little!!  She is a little ball of energy and is terrorizing the big
dogs by biting their feet and tails.
We took her to the vet, and they said that she could tell that
you are a good breeder, that she is in great health and looks
great too.We will send some pictures as she grows.  Hope all
is well for you.  Chris and Melissa
Thought you would enjoy seeing
the girls. Talk to you  later.Carol
better with age. I just love to see her and her
son Peanut on your web site. You can tell they
are truly a beautiful specimen of the bulldog
breed. Here's a couple more pictures of Lucy.
I hope you will enjoy. Thanks the Gabel Family.
New pictures of Harley

New Pic taken on the way home and
when we first got home. Enjoy!

Denise Ford: Thanks for all you did
for us! Lola is spoiled already.

Hi Denise,

Lola is doing great.  She only cried that first night at the hotel so I let her
sleep with us.  Since we've been home she has slept in her crate all alone
and stayed asleep all night.  She has made herself quite at home here and
LOVES her big sister Chloe.  Chloe, however, can't stand Lola, ha ha, but
has never been aggressive towards her.  Chloe just tries to get away from
her and finds refuge at the bottom of the stairs or on the bed or couch
where Lola can't get to her.  I'm sure she will come around as Lola
Lola has gone from being laid back to mischievous.  She gets into
everything she isn't supposed to!  Ha ha.  And detests loudly when scolded
or removed from the items of her desire.  She eats well and has a big fat
Dalmatian.  Potty training is so so.  She knows how to go outside when
carpet or anywhere else when she feels the urge.  She may be too young
to potty train yet, but we will continue to work at it until she learns.
I will send you pictures once we get them on the computer.  I received the
paper work today, thank you very much.  Again, thank you for a beautiful
puppy, she is already spoiled rotten! :)

Very truly yours,

I just wanted you know Chloe did great last night. Josh just
adores her. In a week I will send you pictures. She is going to
They are going to love her.
Thank you so much,
Megan and Josh
Hi Denise,

I thought I would just drop you a
couple pictures of Jojo. She is  
doing great and we just love her!!  
She really really enjoys chasing  the

Everything is going great with Lola. I sent you some pic
several days ago, did you get them?
We went to the Vet Monday. It went really good. Lola got 4
shots and wormed again. She did great!! The vet was really
impressed on her Good Health and asked were we got her.
Her weight was 6lbs 7oz. The only thing he was concerned
about was her breathing at this age. He told me to monitor
her. He gave a written statement with his findings. He loved
her though. She's a little wild now, but I am glad because it
make me feel that she is comfortable with us. She sleeps in
her kennel at night and she does really good in it. She doesn't
get me up anymore in the middle of the night. Yea. We have
her on a set schedule for feedings so I think that has helped a
lot. Well that's all for us... Take Care
Jessica and Jeremy
Sorry we were unable to get with you on these puppies.
We had a couple unexpected things come up. But we
would appreciate if you would keep us up to date on
your next litter. We still want another little girl. Attached
is a picture of my wife, Diane and Muffin.
Thanks,          Eddie and Diane
us so much joy. Her personality fits our lives.
Chloe loves to listen to classical music. We
call her Classical Chloe. Enclosed are some
pictures of her at her new home. Thank you
again. She has been such a great addition to
our family. Thank you--Megan & Josh

Just wanted to send some pictures of Lola.  She has
gotten so big that even these pictures are out
dated.  I just love her so much-I can't thank you
enough! She goes down the stairs to the door
whenever she needs to potty.She still pees on the
carpet but not nearly as much.We're making
progress.She went through her "terrible two's"
several weeks ago.  She would bite too hard while
playing, chew on electrical cords,  She will growl
incessantly when ignored, and  has grown out of
that stage quite quickly.  she's very intelligent and
learned   quickly what works and what doesn't.
Chole is crazy about her, Lola is quite obnoxious,
but I can tell Lola is growing on her. Lola, on the
other hand, loves Chloe, and follows her
everywhere and mimics everything her big "Sissy"
does.  She is a happy playful puppy and "smiles" all
the time.    I love to see her smiling face.  I
remember when she was the poutiest pup of the
bunch.  She's not particularly small either.She's not
the runt anymore and her feet are huge.She was
great at the vet and didn't even feel her shots.  She
does well in the bath too.She hates to be dried off
though and puts up a loud fight until she can break
free and run through the house wet and "naked".

Thanks again!
Hello Denise-
Here is Katlin growing up with her
friends. We now call her Gloria.  
Hope you are well.
Hey Denise,

Here are some pics of Jake aka Charlie I
thought you may enjoy!......His 2nd birthday
is coming up
(Aug 31st)  I can't believe it.  You

We are all doing just fine.  Hope everything
is well with you and your family.
Hi Mr & Mrs Ford,
She is weighing 23 lbs. She is doing great! Loosing teeth
now. I think we've lost 4 or 5. We are now done with
puppy shots and she got her first rabies vaccination. We
Thanks again for our precious bulldog! Talk to you soon.
Jessica & Jeremy
to let you guys know we made it home last night.
Willy (Reggie) did great.  Bonnie & Clyde really love
their new brother.. Willy (Reggie) did great. I am
Hello Denise Hope you both are doing well. I wanted
sending you some cute pictures I took today We
love him so much. I have held him all day! . He is so
sweet and Thanks so much for everything. We will
send more pictures soon.
We survived night 3 and he's doing just fine.I heard his wail
yesterday what lungs!He has absolutely NO fear.  When he
and Bianca play he stalks her, bites her and stays up with
her every move.  When they play tug of war she will be
shaking her head and he's flailing around on the floor, but
and he lets me know when he's hungry.And man--I forgot
how many times little puppies pee! He is a peeing machine.  
He learned where the water bowl was by Saturday night
and he runs in there and then runs right out----it's as if he's
afraid he's going to miss something.
Take care and I'll keep you posted on the antics of Louie,
a.k.a. Munchkin,  Stink Weed and little Man, as they occur.
Bye for now---Dawn
I feel so blessed to have Wally
in my life He is
such a sweetie. EVERYONE loved him . He
really is showing off right now and barking
and acting sooo cool. You guys did a great
Job of raising him. Thank you sooo much for
giving me this opportunity to love him. You
will hear from us soon.
Kindest wishes.
Shan and Wally.
I hope you are well and have had a great summer.I'm
Dodge. He has gotten so big now.  Dodge just turn 5
months this week he weights 35 lbs. He is such a nice
bullie. Dodge started going to obedience  school this
month and is doing great. The people at the training
school get a kick out off him because he is a funny Little
guy. My family and I get a lot complements when we take
Dodge out and people see him. They tell us that they
have  never seen such a nice bulldog. Dodge is very
playful and funny little bullie.I am sending you some
picture of him .I will keep you updated on pictures.
Denise and thanks again for getting us such a nice pet.
Denise, Wally is wonderful. He is
the most amazing little guy. I
attached a few pics of him  for
you to see, it's hard to decide
which ones to send. I have
sooooo many. Anyway, hope all is
well Thank-you for  allowing me
to have such  an amazing soul in
my life. Kindest wishes,

Hey Denise, Hope you guys are
doing well.  We are so blessed to
have him. He is doing well. I
wanted to send you some
pictures (Reggie) in his
halloween outfits. He is doing
great! We crate training him,
however, when he cries at night
I get him out and put him in the
bed with us. He loves to sleep
cuddled in my neck. He has
passed all his vet check-ups
with flying colors. His
grandpa/vet says he is in
perfect condition. Thanks again
for such a wonderful little boy!
Talk with you soon, Debbie &
Dear Denise,
Sorry that we have not written to you in so
long. Chloe is doing great. She just had her
first Halloween dressed as Snow White.
She was a little unsure of the
trick-or-treaters, but she had a fun day
being a princess, which is everyday. We
love her so much.
Joshua, Megan, and Louie
Hey Denise,
Hope you and your husband are doing
well.  Oh my, that puppy Hunter you
have on your site is such a cutie pie!!  
pictures of Jake!   I don't think he's
too fond of the dressing up

Melissa and John
Daytona Beach,FL
It was great to meet you .  We arrived home He
didn't make a single noise and slept the whole time.  
After you and Larry left the airport in Knoxville I took
him outside to eat and play.  It took him a while to
get used to the grass but once he did he had a great
time running around and playing.  He had me
laughing so hard.  He's quite a little character!  Of
course everyone that passed by stopped to pet him
and tell me what a cute dog he is.  He's so adorable!
Once we finally got home he ate and played for a
while before we finally went to bed.   He cried a little
at first but then fell fast asleep and slept through the
whole night!  I put the crate right next to my bed and
when he cried I just stuck my hand in to comfort him
and he fell right to sleep.
So far he's only explore our room and the kitchen.  I
know it will take him a little while to get to know the
rest of the house but once he does I think you're
right - he will fit right in.  We already love him more
than we ever could have imagined.  Thank you so
much for such an adorable, sweet and good little
pup!  I'll send you some pictures soon and we'll be in
Thanks again for everything,

Chloe is doing great. Today, she had her first visit
to the beach. She had so much fun. We put grass in
the backyard, Chloe loves it, but Louie is unsure. So
Chloe helps big brother with going on the grass.
Usually its the other way around. She is such and
sweet girl and we love her so much. I could not
have asked for a better dog.

Attached are some more pictures. We hope you
enjoy them.

Megan and Josh
Dixie,Chris & Marlo
Hi Denise & Larry, Got the new computer going and
scanner. Dixie doing great! It has been cooler in
games. Everyone has fallen in Love with her and she
loves everyone. She has to meet and greet everyone
she passes. She is wonderful, she has taken over
my soccer chair and watches the game! She has also
managed to lay in bed with us until she falls asleep!
Her last vet apt. She weighed 17 lbs. and is up to
date on everything, her next apt. is in a
year.Thank-You again for such a wonderful pet! The
Pais Family
Hi Denise,
Simon is doing great! We are really love him! He is
sooooooooooooooo cute! Tons of energy… I was
wondering if he was going to ever fall asleep last
I do have one question, did you have him going be
outside… Or he might just be cold… Let me know.
How about the chew toys? Tell me again what you
recommend? He is certainly into my shoes… Thank
Hi Denise,
Sorry we have not gotten you some
pictures any sooner, things have been a
little hectic here with a puppy and our jobs.  
We named her Papi.
She is a just like you said, a little devil.  She
found a partner in our yellow lab and they
wrestle all day long.  
She is already 15 pounds and is healthy and
We have recommended you to a few people
we know who are now very interested in
We will try get you more pictures as she
Chris and Melissa Vogelsang
Hey Denise , Just wanted to send you some new
pictures of harley. He is getting so big he is 65lbs
now and it shows. He is so sweet and beautiful
thank you so much . Mandy
Hi Denise,
who lives in New York City. Corbin (little Houston)
has been staying with me until Monica can come
up in a few weeks. I absolutely adore this little
guy. He is the Best! Thank you for our little guy,
we think we have the perfect dog! He travels with
me every day to work on the subway in the
backpack carrier that is shown in one of the
pictures. I have attached some current pictures of
him. Every time I walk him here in the city I get
stopped several times so people can say hi to him.
He literally melts hearts everywhere he goes. He
still is pretty small, but that is just fine with us. I
was hoping you could let me know what shots
Corbin had gotten before he left you, and if he
needs anymore. I was planning to take him to the
Vet to get any current shots needed.Thanks again
for raising such a sweet and beautiful little man.
Hello Denise,
I enjoyed meeting you and your husband. I did not
know about the swifer sweeper thanks for heads up.
He is doing much better and is already “going potty”
where he needs to go, I am very impressed. Today is
the vet check at 12:30 so when I get back I will let
you know how it went but he seems perfect!
Thanks for the pictures and I will get back to you
Mr. Ariel Starkman
Dear Larry and Denise,
Words can't describe how happy and thrilled we are with
so impressed by is the service that your family has
provided to us. We have had several animals over the
years, but have never had such a wonderful and caring
guys. I have already told so many people about you.
We were unsure how our 4 year old dashound Chopper
would react to Mona at home. we already had a area set
up in the kitchen with all the bells and whistles that a dog
could have. Chopper and the 2 cats gathered around the
pen to see what was going on. The we introduced them
to one another, Chopper fell in love with her right away,
it was a total surprise.
Mona and Chopper run all over the house, but of course
she barks at Chopper. Grace has taken Mona to show
and share and pre school and the kids went crazy over
her. I have taken Mona to the vet and she weighted over
5 pounds, her soft spot was only open the smallest part
of the ball of my pink finger. She has another
appointment April 19th.Again I can't thank you enough
how much we appreciate everything you have done for
Thank You So Very Much!We Love You The Noe Famil
Hi Mr. & Mrs. Ford,
Just wanted to update you on Lola Lexi Allen.
We are doing great. She has learned so quickly. In
the past two weeks she rings the bell we have on
the back door everyone time she needs to potty.
She can sit and now we are learning lye down. She
also knows the word "No".  Jeremy and I love her
like if she was one of us. She is spoiled of coarse.
She sleeps with us in the bed. She's fell off the
coach a couple of times but she acts like there's
nothing to it.
We take her to the Vet again for more shots on
Monday. Oh yea she weight's 11 lbs but it all
muscle. She runs around with us in yard alot.We
are blessed to have her in our lives and Thanks
again for all you two have done for us! It's was a
GREAT experience. Oh ya we can't wait to see
Rocky in the movie.... Take care and we will keep
you updated. See attached of updated pictures.
Jessica and Jeremy Allen
Hi, just wanted to update you with some pics of Lucy. The
kids luv her to death. We will bring her down to see you some
time next year. Cya Bob
Hi Denise, just wanted to send you a few
more pics of Lucy. She is doing very well
with her health. Lucy is so funny. She can
be such a brat, then be the sweetest dog in
the world. Just wanted to say thank you
again for such a wonderful dog. Enjoy the
new pics. Bob
Hey this is Jessi Gabel, Bob Gabel's daughter. I just thought
I would email you telling you how Lucy was. Well, I don't
know what we'd do without her. Her health is really good.  
She can jump up to or she will just stare at me or my dad I
would email you telling you how Lucy was. Well, I don't
herself when she is wanting attention. Those bulldogs are
adorable.  Lucy wants us to pet her all the time and she is
She can jump up to or she will just stare at me or my dad
always up on the couch snuggling with us. Her attitude is a
and whine until we pick her up. She will only jump up by lot
different now. Although at times she gets into our stuff and
does things she's not supposed to, there is nothing that she
could do to make me stop loving her. So I wanted to thank
you for such a wonderful dog.                                                 
Did you recieve the pictures I sent the 2nd
That last litter of bulldogs they are
adorable, the white, I would love
to have one but I think Diesel is enough
for now.

Thanks Again
Here are a couple of pictures of Butters , we
hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy
having her!
Hope all is well,
God bless,
the Devitts
Hi Denise, Ruby is open and Amanda is a little more
laid back. The girls are doing great.  I'm really glad
that I got two.  They are very loving and affectionate
some interest in Mack and Diesel. That is great.  There
are a lot of bulldog puppies for sale right now and the
market is a little slow.  Hopefully they are getting
good homes.  Talk to you soon, Ellen Sandy
Krystal doing homework with Mr. Snowman
Stephen when he first received Andy at home in Fl
Hey Denise!

I hope all is well with you guys. We are doing fine and it.
We can't thank you enough for such a joy. We may bring
her to Ky. Sometime in Dec.  Vickie
No whinning at all. Seems to really like Gertie and
Renie and they like him.
Thanks for my boy
We made it home OK, the traveling
was good, there was not near as
much traffic as there was on the way
down! When we left your place we
went to cumberland gap, then we
went thru the tunnel, and then into in
Kentucky, Virgina, and Tennesee.
I was goning to call you to see when
he had been wormed and had shots
given. He sang a few times for us on
He's fitting in here well. My husband
said we will be keeping his name
"rosco" it suits him well.  I will send
you updated Pictures as he grows.
Glenn will enjoy looking at the
website! Thanks.
Hey Denise,
Hope you are doing well.
I am sending some updated photos
of Willy.
He is doing great!  He weighs about
18 pounds.  He had surgery over
Thanksgiving Break (Neutered) but
has recovered wonderfully and is
ready for Christmas!
Thanks again for our little baby boy!
Happy Holidays!
Debbie & Hunter
Denise and Larry
I'm sorry it has taken us so long to get back to you   
Everyone in our family loves her...we took her with
us on Thanksgiving and visited several relatives.  
She's growing very quickly and is still as cute as
ever.  We are doing pretty well with crate training; of
course there are still accidents.  Her worst feature is
that she constantly wants to chew.  After getting a
book on Frenchies, we found matter how many chew
toys she has, she wants to chew everything else.  
Our dining room suite now has foam padding
sprayed with sour apple around all works...she
doesn't try to chew it...just everything else!  
Anyway, she's been to the vet twice - once for week
from this coming Tuesday for her 12 week visit.  
Bulldog"...she has a good bite and no signs of heart
murmur.  Everyone at the vet went nuts over her and
had to hold her (people that work there, not other
customers; we go late so usually we are the only
ones).  Anyway, we just wanted to give you a quick
update.  I only have pictures on my phone right now,
but when I get some that I can download or scan,
I'll send them to you.  By the way, since she was
born on my mother's (Fern) birthday, her official
name is going to be "Minnie Fern Sturgeon".Take
care and I hope you all are doing well and enjoying
the Christmas season.  
Best wishes and Merry Christmas,
Kim (and Mark, and Minnie, and Sammie) Sturgeon
Hi Denise!

As promised here are this years Christmas
pictures of my boys!  Hope you and your
family have a wonderful Holiday Season.  

Melissa, John, Jake, and Tommy!
December 17, 2007
Just wanted to send you a quick note. I am
still recovering from the drive home on
Saturday. Well once we made it home, my
daughters played with "Hunter" until he fell
asleep(see pic). He had a long day, and so
did I.  I took
Christmas pictures of my
and they insisted I take some of
him too. (see pic).  I enclosed a few that I
thought were cute. .= On Sunday, I was
trying to take last pictures will keep you
updated and send you some more pictures
when he gets a little bigger.(I still have not
renamed him)

Thanks again!
Dawn Nagy
Hello Denise & Larry,

Little Cooper has made it safely to Atlanta
and seems to be adjusting to his new home
wonderfully.  This is the first time, besides
the car ride home, that he has closed his
eyes for more than 5 minutes!!  What a day
he has had!  Cooper has played and played
and played and we have loved every minute
of it.  He is so sharp and seems to have so
much love in him!  Brandyn has taken a
million pics so when he downloads them
you all will be the first to see them!  Thanks
again for helping bring this little guy into
our lives, it's so obvious he has already
come from the most loving family!!   

Chelsa & Brandyn & Cooper, the boss!!!
Here is a pic of echo 2008. Gorgeous frenchie
and a nice build on him. Again I can't thank you
Hey Denise,

Hope you are doing well!  Brandyn and I
were wondering if there were any updates
about future english bulldogs being
available?  Although the way he loves
Cooper I think he secretly wants another
frenchie!!  Cooper is doing fabulous - he is
growing up so quickly- but oh how his
personality is coming right along!  He is the
best little man around!  Ok well of course I
had to attach another pic of him!

Take Care
Cooper sends his love!  Chelsa
Hello Denise & Larry!
He is starting to look like a little
frenchie-he's beginning to grow into
his huge head.  He  thinkshe's the
leader of the pack. Hope everything is
going well for you guys. You should  be
proud- absolutely everyone comments
on what a beautiful french bulldog he is
and some have even called him "picture
perfect".  I think it  has really started to
go to his head - or ears :) He knows he
was born to be loved that is for sure!!
Take Care!!!
Chelsa & Cooper
Chandler & Corey with their new boy--"COOPER"
Twinkie's & Quincy Joe's baby!!
Hi Denise,

Reagan / Norman.  I don't think he
remembers anything about his
plane ride, which is great.  He's a
very happy boy!  The way he runs
around the apartment, you'd think
he has been here for years.  He has
made himself right at home!  I
couldn't be more pleased, and just
wanted to thank you once more
for doing such a great job!!

Hi Mr & Mrs Ford,

Just wanted to share
Jeremy, Lola and I are
doing very well. Hope
you will enjoy these pic.

Jessica & Jeremy
Lola's 1st birthday
Moots is fitting in just great.  She plays hard
with her new brother and sister which is nice
pounds.  She has learned how to use the   She
is getting to know that she is suppose to potty
outside.  We have a very large house and yard
and lose her in it sometimes.
Today we are going to the vet and then over
to meet some more family members.  All my
neighbors love her and come by to play with
She has helped me a lot.  During our vacation
my lap. I mean she was my baby.  I got her
when I found out I could not have children
and she was my child.   We thought she was
doing better.  I knew it wouldn't be years but
thought it would be a lot longer than what
happen.  And it was very important to me that
she meet Moots so I was extremely sad when
that didn't happen.  I cried on the way home a
bunch and still do.  But I tell Moots about Yeti
all the time.
Enclosed is a couple of pictures.  Moots with
our french Sprocket and our other english
Pedals.I'll send you more soon.  Thank you
again and rest assure she  will be spoiled and
have a wonderful life.  Denise
Hey Denise,
I just wanted to send you
pictures of Chloe on her
birthday. I made her a dog
pictures, but in the end she
decided to look cute for the
camera. Chloe's daddy, Josh,
had to work a double at work,
so daddy's little princess got up
early and spent time with daddy
before he went to work at 3am.
I hope everybody is doing good.
From: Megan, Josh, Louie, and
Hi Denise. It was pleasure to meet you and
was held up for a couple of hours, but she
did just fine -- content in the safety of her
travel bag. Lulu and I rented a car and just
hung out at the hotel. She stayed in her bag
she came out when she was ready. She she
came out when she was ready. She slept
curled up next to me. I didn't get much
sleep -- too worried about every noise (or
not) that she made. She had the hiccups a
few times, is that normal for her?
Brooks is having a ball with her. It's so cute
with her. I've attached a few photos - one I
two are from today. She seems to be
adjusting to NYC well, she's not as
frightened as I thought she might be with
the over stimulation of all the many sounds,
sights and smells. Thanks again for our new
family member - we just love her! We'll be
in touch soon.     Jill, Brooks & Lulu Katie
Hi Denise,
I just thought I'd email to let you know how
Norman is doing.  He had his second Vet
appointment yesterday, and checked out great!  
He's growing!  He weighed 5 lbs at his first time.
The entire doctor's office was swooning over him
because he's so darn cute!!  And I was stopped The
entire doctor's office was swooning over him and
inquire where I got such a beautiful boy.  He
because he's so darn cute!!  And I was stopped has
the most amazing personality, and is SO smart.  
several times on the street by people who have him
He has already learned to sit on command, and is
now learning to give his paw (shake) for a treat.  
True to his breed, he's a little stubborn, so  still
doesn't like the word "no" -- in fact, he can be quite
defiant and barks at me to express his displeasure
when I reprimand him for something.  But I
wouldn't have it any other way.  I love that he has a
mind of his own!  He's also incredibly sweet, and
loves to cuddle with me on the couch and watch t.v.  
He really watches it!!  He has brought me so much
joy already.  I wouldn't know what to do without
him now!!!  I have attached some recent photos for
you.  Thanks again for such a wonderful,
well-adjusted puppy.  I hope you and your husband
doing well. Kind regards,Ambir
P.S.  I registered him with the AKC last week, and
his official name is Ambir's Sir Norman of Corbin.  : )
Hello Denise,
I wanted to give you an update on Ritchie.  He is doing
fine, he is asleep right now on my daughter.
He and my dog really like each other  but I only let them
be left alone.
I have Ritchie in a little fenced area in my family room I
have Ritchie in a little fenced area in my family room few
times, I thought maybe he wouldn't since he was in it
with his crate in there, he has actually gone in the crate a
so long traveling.I'm going to have him sleep in his crate
next to my bed tonight, I think he should be o.k. I
probably have to take him potty a time or two.He really is
a darling little guy, we love him!!! My daughter Kara (13)
is in love with him.
I will keep you updated.
Thanks again,    Lisa
She seems to be adjusting very well to life in
the big city. I took her to the vet on Monday
and everyone thinks she is just the cutest
thing.  workers could just not get enough of
marshmallow.  In fact, one of salesman gave
me free doggie shampoos, conditioner and
spritzer freshener for free ($50 worth of
product). Complete strangers offer to babysit.
I can't wait to see Emily and Quincy Joe's litter.
You may be getting inquiries from other NYers
-- as people ask where we got Lulu.
Brooks and I are having such a great time with
her - she is so funny! Thanks again
George & Jenny  with their baby
Hello,  I wanted to finally send
pictures of the adorable puppy we
bought 1/14/06 named Spot. One
picture is of now Romulus on1/15/06
with our female Sasafrass(Sassy) she
is now 5yrs old and Romulus is 2yrs
old. We haven't done any breeding  
Romulus has to many allergies. But he
has been such a joy for me (Jody)
because he is definitely my boy!
Romulus doesn't  like men or
strangers visiting, he generally runs
for me, he listens extremely well, very
much Mommy's boy.  He uses only
hypoallergenic shampoo and has to
get bathes three times a week during
allergy season. LOVE HIM TO
PIECES!  I work third shift and he
sleeps in bed with me all day! He has
a great life, even my brother said he
wants to come back in the next life as
a bulldog after seeing the picture of
Romulus in bed.  Thanks for my best
friend!!      Jody Pedlar
We wanted to update you on Fitzwilliam before
his second birthday! He's
grown from a cute little pup to quite a striking
new favorite activity, which borders on an The
other day in the park, he bested an Irish
Wolfhound in "tug" in front of a large crowd of
impressed observers. He has adjusted
magnificently to his new life in Mexico City. He
is happy and healthy. Thanks again!  Darren
and Alanna
Cooper is doing great. He is sooooo cute. You
wouldn't believe how he has grown. He goes this
Wednesday for his second set of shots and I am
anxious to see how much that he weighs. He is just
beautiful. He has a beautiful gait and if we wanted, he
could be a show dog. His ears are perfectly straight. I
just can't say enough good things about him.
Everyone always has a fit over him. He doesn't hardly
ever potty in his crate anymore. He does whine still
though, but not as bad. It is usually just whenever he
sees us and we have just gotten home or early in the
morning and he wants out. He and Chloe have a big
time. They play so hard and then both of them lay on
their backs in the yard and it is so funny. Then 2
minutes later here they go again. Connie
Too cute! I’m so glad they turned out!  He couldn’t have
been better on the ride home.  He never fussed once!  He
is making himself right at home.  I think he has already
decided who is boss!  Everyone can’t get enough of him
and thinks he’s too cute for words (which doesn’t
surprise me!!).  We took a trip to the vet yesterday and he
did great.  He sat patiently waiting (even though he knew
something was up!).  His check up went very well, and
they said he looks good and healthy!   We’re thinking of
calling him Papi – but still are deciding!  I’ll get some
pictures together soon and keep you updated on how
everything is going!!  Thank you so much for the new
addition!! We couldn’t be happier!!! Jenny
Papi is doing wonderfully!!! He is
so big already! Here are some
pictures that I took today.  Hope
all is well!
Hey Denise,

Chloe just wanted to wish you
and Miss Kitty a Happy Mother's
Day. Chloe is very thankful that
she inherited her mommy's
great looks.
Happy Mother's Day,
Mr Tucker--Rocky's and
Hannies  boy--
Cindy B
Norman's meets Bruno at the
dog park on his first trip
I hope you and Larry are well.
While Brooks and I were on
vacation in Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Adrian baby sat and took a
bunch of photos.
She had her second round of
shots 1.5 weeks ago and
weighed 8.10 lbs. She's enrolled
in puppy class every Tuesday
night and really loves playing
with the other pups. The class is
really for the pet parents in
which we are given weekly
homework to practice with our
Regards, Jill, Brooks & Lulu

Lulu's  trip to Brooklyn on the

Hi Denise, I hope this note finds
you and Larry well. I thought
I'd send you some recent
photos of Lulu. These were
taken a couple of weeks ago
while in California. She's such a
great dog - Brooks and I are
having so much fun with her!

All the best,
just a doll!!! No I don't need for me
right now.  Ritchie is doing really
well, he is doing good . His hair  is
so short and slick compared to
Gus's Gus has like twice the amount
of Ritchie and it takes a long time
for Gus to dry.
Ritchie dries like in 5 mins I bathed
them both yesterday.  
I have been taking Ritchie to puppy
class and he is doing really well. We
played two games yesterday and he
won both games. There are 3 in the
class, one is a little Pug named Lucy
class, one is a little Pug named Lucy
her name is Pogo. They are both
(she is a doll) and the other is a
really hyper but little Ritchie is more
mellow and seems to pay more
attention than the other two.  I
really worked with him last week
and it really paid off!!
Ritchie sleeps next me my bed in a
crate and I finally let gus out of the
crate and he sleeps on a dog bed,
my goal is to let me both sleep
together on the same bed someday
in our bedroom.  Now who knows
where the two of them would end
up!!!Talk to you soon,
Hi Denise!
The flight home with Abbie went very
smoothly; we made quite a few friends in the
airport.  She's also a huge goofball! Last night
we got out the camera and told Abbie we were
going to take pictures of her and so she
hopped in her bed and started rolling around
on her back as if she were posing for a photo
shoot!  Everyone in my family is absolutely in
love with her.  I just wanted to thank you and
Larry again for being so wonderful. I enjoyed
meeting y'all and could tell that y'all are really
passionate about the puppies y'all raise. The
"goody" bag was just too cute!I hope
everything turned out alright with getting Indy
to his new family. I attached just a quick
photo I took with my computer but I'll send
some better ones as soon as I have time to
upload them. Ashley
Hi Denise,Georgia is doing
good. We are still working
on the potty training but
wondering if you used a
special type of shampoo
or anything for your
Robin's  Lylee (red)drinking
from hose-Lylee's other friends
are joining in on the fun!!!!
Hi Denise,
Here are some pictures of
diesel . He's   great all 60lbs of
Jason Rabe

I am so sorry I haven't written sooner.  I just
wanted to let you know that Fiona is doing
wonderfully.  She has turned out absolutely
perfect!  Her nickname is "snuggle bug"  
because as much as she loves to go for walks
and be a clown, she loves to snuggle more
then anything.  She also has a tendency to
steal things and hide them, never my things so
I think its hysterical.  Other then that she
turned out absolutely beautiful, my Vet has a
picture of her on the wall and they say she is
the best looking Frenchie they have ever
seen.  They keep telling me I should show her,
but were not interested in that, I just want a
nice happy healthy buddy.  Thanks again for
raising my Fiona, as always I promise she is in
the best of hands!  In a couple of years I'll be
coming back for a sister for her...well maybe
sooner :-).

Katie Murphy
Heather's little girl resting
Well  we Finally got Hudson- he is so
beautiful. He is very busy  boy. Only
slept 3 hours last night what a love. I
want to thank you  again You made
our home complete. Talk to you soon,
Hey Denise and Larry!

Hope all is well with y'all!  Jake
will be 3 on August 31st...I
can't believe how time flies.  I
call him my little lover boy.  He
is so affectionate, his favorite
thing to do is to play "baby"
with me on the couch at
night....what a character he is.  
I keep telling John that I just
have never seen such a lovable
little boy like him.  When we
take Tommy and him on walks
people go nuts with
complements over them.  
Thanks again for such a special
guy, take care!

Melissa, John, Tommy, and
well. New
pictures of Willy (Reggie).
We celebrated his first
birthday in July.
He is a very special little boy!
I just wanted to let you know
that Jack(Ryan) is doing great!  
We are going to take him to the
Vet on Friday for his check up,
but everything seems great!  
Thank you so much for such a
great dog.  He is almost potty
trained already if you can belive
that, he is a very smart dog.  We
will send  you some pictures very
Lulu taking a nap

Sorry it took so long to get this to
you.  Got really busy with football.  I
attached the photo of one of my sons
The kids love him and the son that he
is pictured with is who he has really
bonded with.  We love him.  
I will keep you posted and send more
Thanks again,
Linda Luna
Hi Denise,
I wanted to call and tell you that we had gotten home ok, but
it was very late. He did very well on the trip and I do believe
that is is adjusting very well. I absolutely adore him. I do
have a few questions if you get time to let me know what you
think. The first is, is there a indicator that he had that let you
know he needed to go out. I think that we just have some
work to do with the potty training here, as he is in a very new
place. The second is that he will not stop whining, for example
if I put him in his space for the night and then try to go to bed,
he will not stop whinning or barking and eventually I get him
and he comes to sleep with me, but I don't want that to be
habit already. It also is pretty bad if I leave the house. Do you
have any ideas of how to get me. Thanks so much,
Hi Denise, We got this computer going.  My son came and He
said he thought this one was going to be a little bigger than
Tiny.  Ha! Ha! My grandson has named her Teea.  So I night,
we put them in our bed and they played together for about
30 minutes.  Tiny can touch teea but when teea tries to
pounce her she jumps like a jack rabbit, and then they start
all over again.  We think she is the sweetest thing.  She has
been doing really good on potting, when for about 30
minutes.  Tiny can touch teea but when teea of it that seems
to be working really well.  I want to say tries to pounce her
she jumps like a jack rabbit, and then thank you again and
to say she is our new baby girl, and we love her, she is the
funniest little thing to watch.   B. Moore
Hi Denise-
home went well. Dodge was a great little trooper
he slept most the way. My kids really loved Dodge
him when they saw him. My wife can't get
overhow he is. He's a real hit with all the kids in
the neighborhood. They all want to pet him.
Dodge was missing you guys but is starting to
come around now and is still getting spoiled. He is
a feisty little guy.I hope you are enjoying your
vacations and are doing well.I will send you some
pictures as soon as get a chance.I will keep in

Hi Mr. & Mrs. Ford: Sorry I haven't sent pictures of Lola Lexi
Allen in a while. She is getting so BIG!!! She will be 7 months
November 13th. Everything is great, spoiled more than ever. She
has become our lil Bulldog. Sometimes we forget she's a dog
and I think sometimes she does too!! Here are some updated
pictures. Enjoy!!!
We did have a little accident about 2 weeks ago. She was outside
and ate an S.O.S pad. Jeremy didn't know at first but saw one in
her mouth, he thought she didn't get it down but in the middle
of the night she started throwing up. We took her to the vet and
sure enough the xray showed the S.O.S pad in her tummy. They
went in surgically and removed it. It broke my heart...I wanted
to cry. Jeremy felt awful. Lola is a trooper!!! Nothing fases She's
doing great though... We are more careful now, well Jeremy is...
Oh a friend from school and her husband are looking into
Frenchies so I am going to give her your web site to look at. Her
name is Ashley Hancock if she happens to get a hold of you!!! I
told her how wounderful you and your husband were and how
guinuine you guys were to Jeremy and I.Well I hope everything
is well and Keep in touch!!!Jessica & Jeremy
Denise, Your little Fiona is absolutely wonderful,
she is already adjusted. She has been playing like
crazy and she has taken 3 naps 2 on my lab and
1 on my chest while I napped with her. She also
has a new coat so  that she can play outside and
she is into everything!!Angie and I have been
having a blast all day with her. Angie has
absolutely fallen in love with her and has been
wanting a dog for a long time and after meeting
Fiona she would love a French Bulldog! Do you
have any pups that will be available in Jan? She
would like to have one of yours only!! Thanks so
much again for her, I promise to treat her like
the princess she is!Katie
Hi Denise, The girls are doing much better.  I took
them to my other vet and as it turns out, they only
have sinusitis.  Boy, what a relief.  I was worrying
myself sick thinking I had kennel cough here.  The
girls were so good at the vet and they were really
impressed with them.  They sat there like two little
anyone talked to them.  They are such good girls.  
They are also so beautiful and everyone
compliments me on both of them.  I still couldn't
pick from either one if I could only keep one.  
They are so different yet each one has charming
qualities.  Anyway, hope you get some rest soon.  
Let us know when your English pups are born and
have a good holiday.  Ellen

I just wanted to let you know that Reagan
(new name, Norman) is doing just fine   
after a few hours at home.  He's very
playful and incredibly sweet!  You were
right, he's a licker!!  He really has the best
personality, and has kept me laughing.
When chasing after a toy, he likes to jump
like a little bunny.  It's so cute!!  I just love
him   to pieces already, and can't thank you
enough!  By the way, he went to the Vet
this morning, and his new doctor said he
looks great!  Attached are a couple of
photos for you.  I hope you're doing well.

Thank you again!
Hi Denise, hope you are
well. The new baby
frenchies are cute!

Just wanted to send you
some recent photos of

All the best,
Hi Denise,

How are you?  It has been a while, hasn't
it?  Hard to believe Norman is 8 1/2
months old.  He's such a funny and quirky
Frenchie, always entertaining me.  I
couldn't have asked for a better dog.  He's
in perfect health, and weighs in at 26
pounds now.  And his coloring has really
turned out to be beautiful.  I think he looks
a bit like his daddy, Quincy Joe.  I thought
you might like to see some recent photos.  
Hope all's well.

Kind regards,
Denise, we are so happy with Toby. He
thank you and your family enough. We
are crate training and he is coming
along nicely. He wakes us up once
during the night to go outside and
then he sleeps till 7am. He already
seems bigger and stronger. And his
little teeth are sharp! It was in the 50's
last night so we put his jacket on. We
have begun using a collar and leash to
walk around the block.I am not as
good a photographer as you but here
are a few. All the best,
Vanessa and Noel
December 2007
Dear Denise,I just want to let you know how pleased
I am to have purchased my second Frenchie from
you! It's hard to just have one "bullie" and I knew I
had to start looking when my spoiled male turned 2
years old or it  might be too late to ever have another
with him. I really did search, its no joke I looked at a
hundred  dogs at least, talked to many breeders. The
day I spoke to you for the first time I knew I would
be  buying Clairee who I named Gracie-Clare. She is
EXACTLY as you described, smart, sweet, can hold
her own with the boys and adorable! Only a week has
gone by, Tabasco loves her, she's almost potty
trained already and was already well socialized when
she arrived! I can see you truly love all your dogs.
Your professionalism & knowledge gives French
Bulldogs& breeding them much pride with the highest
standards!It is a SHAME most breeders can't live up
to that. Happy holidays, we'll send many more photos
& talk to ya soon! Deborah Zalondek, upstate New
send a picture of Abbie and her resulting
new look from a bed tumbling incident...she
attacked a pile of laundry while on my bed
and took a little spill, breaking a growth
plate in her leg. The doctor put her in a cast
for two weeks, in which Abbie then earned
the nickname Peg Leg as she had to drag it
Everything is fine now and it healed
perfectly. Thank goodness! The other
picture is from when she was younger but
its so funny I couldn't help but send it.
Ashley E. Jones
University of Georgia
College of Pharmacy
PharmD Candidate, Class of 2012
Hi Denise,
Just wanted to say Thank you
again for everything. Gabby is
very "spirited" we've found
out. She is very funny to watch
running around the yard. It's
cool here and she is a bit her
to the car show in PA and I
people stopped to ask about
her and even take pictures!!!
Hope you and Larry are fine.
Will be talking to you soon!
Debbie, Lew, and GABBY

Sorry it's been awhile since I've written to
you. Jeremy, Lola and I are doing great. Lola
is now 1 year and 6 months old. She is doing
great! More energy than I thought she would
have at this age. I am trying to talk Jeremy
into getting a Frenchie but I think we are
going to wait a little longer. Maybe sometime
next year. We will let you know in advance so
we can have first choice..... Hopefully you'll
have some late next year. Anyways, Enjoy the

Jeremy, Jessica and Lola Allen
red one is one of his pups.He weighs
30 lbs and the other one was from the
same litter but only weighs 17 lbs at
ust wanted to show you echo and the
can't thank you have some great dogs.
Hi Denise,We are so happy with
Toby. We registered him as Toby
Toby. We registered him as Toby
healthy. He is my pride and joy.
Carmichael. He is happy and
healthy. He is my pride and joy.
Here are 2 pics, not near as good
as the pics you take. If you ever
have a female I could breed him
to please think of me first. Thank
you so much All our best,Vanessa

I just had to share this photo with you. I
told you Norman is a quirky Frenchie!  
Whenever we put him in our laps in this
position he falls asleep almost
immediately. Isn't he the cutest?!  
Speaking of cute, the new puppies are
adorable!  Norman might need a little
brother someday soon. : )  As always,
hope you're doing well.  

Best regards,
Hello Denise sorry it has taken me so
long to send pictures. Here is Miss
Georgia, she is almost 6 months old
now. Can't believe how quickly time
has gone. She is amazing and I
couldn't imagine our little family with
out her in it. She brings so much joy
and laughter to our family. The boys
sending more pictures through the
holidays. Hope you and your family
are doing well. Thanks for
everything-- Heather
Hi Denise
We bought a Frenchie from you in the
whole thing and I just realized we
haven't updated you on mr. jack....we
changed him name so he is no longer
He is my world and the most amazing
dog on the planet.  We are both so in
sleep in - even when he isn't supposed
to - and loves to play. He can be really
stubborn and had some issues with
eating everything in sight but he is now
trained and mostly well behaved.  He is
We have friends who have a girl
frenchie, pebbles who you will see in
these pics and they are best friends.
Thanks again for bringing him into our
world!!!I hope you enjoy these pics
All the Best,
Acacia May
Hi Denise I hope you are all doing
well.  We have been so busy but I
wanted to give you a quick update
and photos of Hunter now...
"Murphy".  Murphy just celebrated
his 1st birthday and is a great dog
with a great personality to match.  
Last time at the vet I believe he
weighed 27 or 28 pounds.  He is a
joy to own and we just love and
spoil him to death.  Thanks again.  
Dawn Nagy (Indiana)  (I will send
you some better ones once I
download the pics off my camera)
Hello Denise & Larry,

Off to a wonderful start for your
family with the addition of the
new grandson.
  Attached you
will find some pictures of
Cooper from his 1st birthday
in October and Halloween. .
Are you going to breed his
mom Lexi anymore?  Let me
know when/if you plan on it!  

Take Care,

I got home and my keyboard
was dead!  Everything went
fine with the flights home, she
actually slept the whole way I
couldn't believe it!  It was very
nice meeting you both and I
will be sure to recommend you
to anybody looking for a pup!
Hi Denise,
Happy New Year. We hope you
are well. Toby - Carmichael is
doing very well. He is my pride
and joy. Here are a few pics of
him. Please let us know if you
have a female we could breed
him with. Thank you again,
I just wanted to share a few of
Norman's birthday pics with you.  I
can't believe he's one year old!  
Since it was a special day, he was
treated to grilled lamb chops.  Oh
boy, did he enjoy those!  He even
got to gnaw on the bones for a bit
-- supervised of course.  What a
treat!  He got lots of gifts from
everyone who loves him, one of
which is a purple pterodactyl like
creature that screeches when it's
belly is pressed.  I wish you could
see him with this toy.  It's
hilarious!  When the toy
unexpectedly makes a noise while
he's playing with it, Norman goes
over the place.  Such antics!!!!  
And he barks at it, but he gets so
excited that the barks barely come
out -- it's just rapid fire hoarse
sounding barks.  It's so funny.  As
ever, thank you for bringing this
wonderful little dog into my life!  It
has been the best year ever!!!!
Best regards,
so far so good, especially
when they're sleeping
Laura M
Hello Denise,Hope you all had a
good Holiday. Here are some
new pictures of Georgia. She is
9 months now and is full of
energy. She hadn't seen snow
measured about 7 inches and
when I let her out she just got
like 2 feet off the deck and was
right back at the door and was
wanting in. By the way she is
not the best picture taker and I
had a hard time just trying to
get her to sit still to get these.
Thanks again for raising such
precious puppies! Heather
Hi Denise.  
Monday,was Lulu's
b'day so I'm
sending you some
and other recent
photos  Hope you
are  well. The
English bulldog
babies are adorable.

All the best,
We wanted to send
you a few pictures
of Digger in his new
home...He is doing
great thank you so
much for a
wonderful Dog!!
Ajay Kirk
Here is a few pictures of
Bella I think I sent one of
her and Memphis. She tries
but they move to quick for
her. She's learning the
house and where to go.
She has been using puppy
pads also, she does good to
be a baby. I'll send you
more this week. i'll give her
a little time to grow but I
will keep in touch talk to
you soon. Thanks so
much.   Michelle
Bird             Gracie
March 2009
Denise,Wanted to send you a note & few photos & let you
know how Gidget Bird is doing. My second Frenchie from you
is just as loving & smart as Gracie. Potty training was learned
in a day, only needing to grow to hold her bladder. This
breeding line I've fallen in love with produces the MOST loving
dogs in the world! For me, they have been the easiest to train
& I've had lots of breeds, mostly rescues. For me to even
purchase dogs in this sence really says something cause I am a
HUGE rescue advocate & I still will always go to shelters but I
am addicted to your dogs & wouldn't think of buying from
another breeder! For the Frenchie you breed, your prices are
inexpensive in comparison to others, and your honest & breed
them with LOVE! I know this as I've spoke to you a couple
years now. I really enjoyed meeting you at the airport to get
my Gidget Bird! I would always recommend picking up the
puppy! Last, these Frenchies changed my life, WOW, what a
breed!! I'll see you in couple months for my fourth
Frenchie!Debbie Zalondek, upstate New York

Hi there. Just wanted to send you a few pics of the
princess.  She just turned 3y on the 6th and she is a
total diva.  She should've been born a poodle because
she is my lap dog and total hip hugger.  It's very
genetic because her kids are the same way.  Dealing
with a case of seasonal allergies and urine
(crystal/struvite) issues, but thank god I work at a
vets office. She still runs the show with my other three
in the house everyday and it's hilarious.  Gotten a bit
bossy since having her babies, but loves everyone.  
Take care and enjoy the pics!!
Denise just wanted to say we are
truly in love with her.  She is such
the vet at 11:30am tomorrow.  
Denise just wanted to say we are
The ride home went well, we
stopped 4 times to potty.  Her
potty training is going well.  She
has learned to sit when she come
inside after she does her business
for a treat.  I will let you know
what the vet says tomorrow after
her big girl check-up.  Here are a
few pictures for you.  The yorkie
is Kallee, chihuahua is Zoee.

Hey Denise!Sorry it has taken me SOO long to
write!  Things have been crazy lately!!  But, I
wanted to write and tell you again how much I
love my Holly-Belle (Frannie).  She is an absolute
doll!!  She is so spoiled!  She thinks her “spot” to
sleep involves my pillow, or my shoulder, and lays
on her back and I have to pull the covers up to
her chin!!  Otherwise, she whines until I do!  She
is up to 15 pounds now and 9 inches at the
shoulder (but she thinks she’s about 10 times that
size!!).  She beats up our weimaraner daily (and
he weighs 80 pounds!!)...
I can’t take her anywhere without people
stopping me to pet her, look at her, I even got
stopped twice by people asking to take her
picture!  She is so beautiful and she just eats up
the attention!!
I took this picture of her a few weeks ago and I
think it is just hilarious, so I wanted to share it
with you!  Hopefully soon I will have some “nice”
pictures to send you!!
Take care and thanks again!!
Shilo Beving
Pictures of Bella and
Dragger Kirk taking it easy
that Bella weighs 22 pounds
now she had a check up the
other day and they all love
her at the vet. Our vet calls
herself aunt Courtney to Bella
lol. Just wanted to say hey
and hope everyone is doing
well. Talk to you later.
Hi Denise & Larry,

Was just thinking about you
all and wanted to say hello!
Hope everything is going
well for you guys there in
Kentucky! How is little
Maverick doing?? I am sure
he is growing up fast!
Attached is current picture
of Cooper! The look on his
face tells it all!

Take Care,


Delilah is awesome!  She is so sweet, cute and has a
wonderful little personality.  She is fitting right in.  
Reeses was in shock when we brought her home!  
He is usually scared of everything so he wasn't sure
about her at first but he is so intrigued with her that
they are now inseparable.  They play great together-
sharing chewies and racing around the house.
The only problem I'm having is separating the 2
dog's food.  Delilah snagged some of Reese's Iams
chunks and loves it.  I don't want her to get sick or
choke so I had to put Reese's food up - so he'll have
to learn to eat when she is sleeping or in her

Delilah slept with the boys the past 2 nights and she
has done great.  We padded the bed all up so she
can't fall off!  When we went to work and school on
Friday I put Reeses in one part of the house and
Delilah in a crate.  It worked great-Delilah was
asleep in her crate when I got home, I brought her
outside and she peed right away.  Even though
there are accidents in the house, everytime I bring
her out she pees - so she is catching on!

Her vet appointment went great yesterday.  Of
course she got lots of attention and she got a clean
bill of health.  She got one shot and we have to go
back in 3 weeks.

Matthew and Mark (and my husband, George, too)
are in love with her.  They are so proud to show our
family and friends!  The vet told us not to bring her
in public until she gets older and gets more shots, so
the boys are waiting patiently to show her off to the
world!  I am excited to have another female in the
house!  I bought her a little pink collar decorated
with little crystals and it makes her look even cuter!
Thanks for a wonderful little puppy!
happy!  I saw your recent litter of Frenchies on the
website... They are soooo beautiful!!  And all cream
colored??  WOW!  I hope you don’t mind (LOL) but I
referred some friends to you!  They have just fallen in love
with Holly-Belle and want a Frenchie of their own in about 6
months or so when they move into their own home (right
now they are in an apartment for flight school).  
My hubby came home a couple weeks ago for R&R and he
absolutely adores Holly-Belle!!!!  However, she made it clear
that she is mine and all mine and didn’t appreciate him
intruding on her “mommy time” (i.e. Sitting in my lap for TV
I had a quick question, I hope you can help me.  I haven’t
had to trim her nails in quite some time.  We have a covered
back porch that she loves to play on, but its bare concrete,
and although she goes down into the yard to do her
business the concrete is filing her nails down considerably.  
Twice now, she has worn them down to the point that her
front toes are bleeding.  I have had to keep her strictly
inside while they heal (this does not make her happy!!)  She
sits at the door and whines when she knows the children
are out playing without her!  Is there anything I can do to
help her feet? I thought about getting her some little boots
to wear as a last resort, but before I do that to her, I
wanted to check with you and see if you know of
Here’s a picture we took of her today (sorry its grainy, I
took it with my phone).  She has what I call Garfield
moments, where she will be walking along and then just
collapse in the middle of the floor for a nap!!  She is so
cute!!Thanks again for all your time and patience with me!
Take care!    Shilo Beving
Hi Denise!
How are y'all? I hope well.
Abbie Mae is a little over one
year old now so I thought I
would send a few updated
photos. She is such a cobby,
beautiful frenchie! At doggy
training school, she was the
star pupil and even won the "sit
and stay" contest. Of course her
cleverness enhances her
naughty side, as she has is very
adept at getting her way. She
has taught our other frenchie at
home all sorts of tricks and fun
ways to get into trouble. She's
also an avid mushroom and
toad hunter when outside and
Best Regards
Ashley E. Jones
P.S. I noticed that you are
expecting puppies in June. Who
are the parents? I am
considering getting a male
frenchie either this summer or

Hi, Denise-
Just wanted to check in and let you know
that Olive is doing great! She was a very
good girl on the car ride home. She has
really warmed up to her new home and
the vet today and he said she looks great.
She's got such a great personality--full of
spunk, and calms right down when she's
done playing and ready to rest. I haven't
taken pictures of her in her new home yet,
but I'll send you some soon! Thanks again
for such a great pup! Jen
Good morning Denise,

Sorry it has taken this
long to get this done but
I have been busy with
work for awhile now.
Lucy is doing great we
love her very much. She
is weighing 25 pounds
and eating everything in
sight. Hope you enjoy
the pictures.

Thanks again,
I just wanted to send you updates of my
little boy. Can you believe he will be 2 July
5th?  He is the king and the sweetest little
man in Houston.  EVERYONE loves him and
fight over who can watch him when I
travel out of town.  I wish I could take him
such a good traveler.  Anyway, hope all is
well with you and keep me posted on the
babies due in July.
Kindest Regards,
Shana and Wally.

I'm in the wine business and some French
Barrels arrived at my facility and I couldn't
resist putting Wally on top of one.  
Everyone calls them "Frenchie Barrels"  Ha
.Thanks again. Shana Stevens
Hi, Denise- Just wanted to
check in and let you know
that Olive is doing GREAT!
She has really adjusted to
life in the city well-the
noises of the cars and
trucks outside don't even
bother her anymore. She's
very healthy, lovable, and
the perfect mix of sassy
and sweet! :) She's even
met a few friends in the
neighborhood that she
LOVES playing with: both of
them are pretty big, but
you wouldn't know it by the
way she plays with them--a
sixteen week old English
mastiff puppy and a great
dane puppy about the same
age. I've included some
pictures for you. Hope all is
well with you! Jen
Hey Denise,
sorry I haven't been in
contact, just been waiting on
bella to get a little bigger to
send you some more pictures.
She is so spoiled it isn't even
funny but we love every
minute with her we took her
to myrtle beach this past
week on vacation and she
loved the sand and she made
all kinds of friends. So here is
a few pictures of her I hope
everyone is doing well and ill
talk to you soon.  I also forgot
to tell you she weighs 39.4
pounds now she's my little


Hi Denise,

I hope you had a nice Labor
Day.  Norman and I went to
Cape Cod for the long
weekend, and he got to
play with his friend Truman
on the beach.  They had so
much fun!!  Thought you
might enjoy the pictures.  

Hope all's well with you and
your family.

Best regards,
Good evening Denise,

Just writing to let you know
that everything is going good
with Lucy. She is 7 months old
now and weighing 42 pounds.
She is a very good Bully and
we love her very much. I sent
you a couple of pics, hope you
enjoy them.

Paula Wheeler's
son with the new

Tank &
Kitty's baby
Hello Denise!
I am sorry for not contacting you sooner to give you
and I have just been so busy with our little bully.
Kingston will be 4 months on the 23rd and he is
already so big! I remember the first time I saw him
first week at his new home he had already grown
so fast. On the drive back to Chicago he did really I
am sorry for not contacting you sooner to give you
well. We stopped several times so he could stretch
and I have just been so busy with our little bully. his
little legs and go potty. Once we got to the big
Kingston will be 4 months on the 23rd and he is city
everyone instantly fell in love with him. Kingston
wanted to explore everything and meet Kingston
wanted to explore everything and meet everyone!.
His first vet visit went well and he everyone!. His
first vet visit went well and he received so many
compliments from the staff. Dr. Marks which is his
vet says he is soooo handsome . My fiancée,
Kingston and I have joined an English Bulldog meet
up group that has monthly meet ups just for bullies
and their parents. Yesterday was our 2nd meet up
which was a Bully BBQ that took place at a forest
preserve. Next month we are looking forward to
Bully Bash which is a Halloween extravaganza
where the bulldogs will parade and show off their
costumes, compete in agility courses, and have
parent look-alike contests. I couldn't possible
express how much we have grown to love our bully.
He makes us so happy although I must admit  he
has made me a little upset before for sneaking into
my closet and eating my shoes! My fiancée and I
would love to add a second bully to our home.
However, in due time of course perhaps when
Kingston is a little older and when the weather is
nice possibly during the summer or spring months.
If potty training is difficult to begin with I can only
imagine what it would be like having to walk a
puppy in Chicago's freezing winters. I am attaching
some photos of our Kingston so you can see what a
handsome little bully he's grown into. Thank you
once again for  our precious little puppy
Joselyn Herrera and Line Rodriguez
Here's some pics
of the love of our
life (besides our
daughter). lol...
Hey just dropping in to let you
see how Bella looks in her
Halloween costume she is
precious. We took her to a pet
contest in Wise at the Fall Fling
and out of about 15 dogs or more
they had first,second and third
and Bella got third out of all those
dogs for best dressed I was
tickled and she got second in the
biggest dog contest the rest we
itty bitty dogs there was one
other bulldog but he didn't enter
that category. We were pleased
just thought you might like it.
Hope everyone is doing well talk
to you soon she is hitting around
50 lb now and is nine months old.
Take Care,
Baxter and Lulu
touch and let you know we
love our new puppy. He is
doing very. We call him
Hank, here are a few pics
of him at his new home
with his family.I hope all is
well thanks again and was
really nice meeting You. I'll
send some more for your
web site if you would like,
He's the most handsome
pup anyone has ever seen,
well thats what we keep
hearing, hahah
Thanks, Adam and Megan
Hi Denise. Here's Lulu in
her Halloween costume. I
bought bull horns to
accompany the ensemble,
but she's not too fond of
them, so just the bull riding
cowboy on her back will
have to do.

I'm really looking forward
to seeing Riley in a few

Hi Denise,
What a fun weekend we
had!  B.B. King (Riley) met
his cousin Duke and his
neighbor Woody and they
played and played.  B.B.
had so much fun, and was
very tired at the end of the
day.  B.B. loves his
backyard and loves to sit on
Aidan's lap.  He also loves
to play with himself in the
mirror.  He might think it's
his brother Baxter.  
He is so much fun and full of
energy.  He is soooo funny
when he starts doing his
laps around the kitchen.  
We love him to bits and we
are so happy that B.B. has
made our new house a
Thanks Denise!
Joelle, Aidan and B.B. King
Biscuit and Paula's
Hello there,
I just want to say hello and
let you see how he's
adjusting.  He's doing
great, day by day on the
house training, but he's
catching on good.  His big
brother Bruno is adjusting
well to him, except for
when he chews on his
tail.... He's still a little
scared of the birds though,
just doesn't know what
they are....... Thanks again
and it was great meeting
you both.

Tammy and Donnie
& Brody too
Just wanted to send
you a picture of
Bailey. She's so
Justin W. Schaffer
Holly and Craig
picking up their
new little girl
Hello Denise,
Thanksgiving and give you an update on
He's doing just wonderfully.  It didn't take
long for his personality to shine.  He made
popular in the neighborhood.   Every walk
takes forever since everyone wants to pet
him.   It's common to hear "cutest dog in
the area."   He is clearly the biggest
celebrity in a two block radius and that
includes Madonna.   

Enjoy the picture.
Rich & Josephine
Hey Denise,

here are a few more pics of
Hank...we love him so dearly, he is
the cutest, sloppiest, most
stubborn thing but we love
him to death

Hello Denise, I just
wanted to stay in touch
& send you some pics of
Hank(mikie). Every
where we go people
ask us where we got
him. We love him sooo
much.Also we are using
Blue bufflio puppy food .
It is supposed to be
very good food and
good for bulldogs
because it does not
have and preservatives
so their eyes don't get
the red stains around
them. I'm sure one of
our friends will be
calling you before to
long for a pup.Thanks,
Adam and Meg
Hi Denise,
I hope you are enjoying
your holiday season.  I
saw that your dad was
not feeling well, I hope
he is on the road to
recovery and will be
well by Christmas!
B.B. King is such a joy
to have.  He's such a
silly, little comedian;
and a smart one too!  
Auntie Jill visited from
NY for Thanksgiving
and she taught him how
to Sit and Paw.  He also
helped her balance her
check book!
Here are some silly B.B.
pictures (that are in
focus).  He moves so
quickly the photos are
always a blur.
We hope you have a
wonderful holiday
Joelle, Aidan & B.B.
Hi Denise,
How is your daddy doing? I saw your
posts about him being in the hospital.  
Sorry to hear about that but I hope he is
home and recovering well. You all are in
thoughts & prayers.
Here are some pictures of Cooper. He is
doing wonderful & soaking up every
minute of his fabulous little life. He has
Lia, our FBRN foster. She is a doll. They
are just bananas over each others.
Although Coop has his moments when
he let's me know he is ready for his
roommate to move on :) I know he is
secretly in love!Hope you and Larry &
the rest of the family have a wonderful
happy Merry Christmas!Chelsa


FALL 2009


Well, Jetta was a huge hit at
our house.

As promised here is the first

Jetta is very happy, and loves
playing with our young pug
called Somifliff.

You can learn about SomiFliff
Thanks Again
Hey Denise!
Lexie is her name and she’s doing very well!
We finally got out of Tennessee on Sunday
after 4 hours of delays in the airport.  Lexie
was the talk of the town, everyone in the
security area knew her and us by the time we
were ready to go.  She’s getting used to going
potty outside in the freezing cold.  She’s
understanding that if she just gets it done
quickly she can come right back in.  We got her
a little sweatshirt so she’s a little warmer.  I
took her to the vet yesterday and everyone
loved her! She’s been very busy so we’re
looking forward to giving her some relaxing
down time in Florida this week.  I’ll keep you
updatedThank you so much!!
We just love her!~Allison
Hey Denise! We just wanted to let you know the
Lexie is doing very well. She had a nice vacation
in Florida over the holidays and loved the
warmer weather. She's not such a fan of
having to go potty outside, but she's sort of
getting the routine, and that we're so mean
we'll wait to see that she's piddled before
letting her back in. She's an absolute doll! She's
got a wardrobe full of jackets and hoodies, in
assorted shades of pink, and she's got lots of
fans in our neighborhood.  We hope all is well
with you and your family and that you had a
great holiday. Thank you again!~Allison and
Morris Tucker
Cotton Kelly
Hello there,
Just wanted to touch
base with you and let
you know that Brody
is doing really
good..... Hope your
Holidays were good,
we had a blast with
our new addition. He
is growing sooo fast,
think he's up to about
30 pounds (if not
more). He goes for
his final series of
puppy shots
tomorrow.... Here are
a few current
pictures..... Thanks
again and keep in

Hi Denise!

I just wanted to send you
another picture or two to
show you how well Lexie’s
doing.  She’s a little
monster, but she’s having
so much fun with us.  We
went to the vet last week
for her 16 week check up
and the last distemper shot.
She’s a healthy little pup,
she’s gained two and a half
pounds since we brought
her home!
Everyone loves her here!
Thank you again!~Allie
Hi Denise:

I have attached a couple of pictures
of Vivy for your files.  She is the
sweetest little thing.  We all love her
and her fun personality.  The boys
(Tucker and Angus) are still
evaluating but everyone else is sold!\
Vivy and Angus (he's a whopping 4
lbs of fury) are on the couch and,
while she's all over him like a cheap
suit, Angus is barely putting up with
Thank you so much for this little
Best regards,
Kathy DeWitt
Hi Denise. Here are
some updated photos
of Lulu & Baxter. Bax
has been staying with
us for the week while
his parents are on
vacation. Baxter is a
big boy, weighing in at
27 lbs., and Lulu at 25
lbs. They are really cute
together, except for
when Lulu gets into her
"only child, that's
mine" mood. It was her
2nd Birthday on
Tuesday. She had a
B'day party this past
weekend with another
fellow Frenchie. They
all had a great time
romping in the snow.
I hope you and your
family are well.All the
Hey Denise,
Thought I would send you a few
updated pictures of our little
bully Hank... We named him for
AKC Hank The Tank...he is such
a lovebug...
He is purely a joy our family
loves him so much i will send you
some pictures soon of him and
our little girl snowboarding..
How is Hanks sister doing, I
would love to reunite them one
day and let them play.
We havent breed Hank but we
are still considering it, didnt
know if you had any info or any
michele allgood

little starlet on your website.
Now that the construction on
our kitchen is finished, Lexie
loves spending her time at my
feet while I bake cupcakes and
make dinner. It’s so funny; she
loves sitting in front of the
oven when it lets out all the
warm air. And, she’s still
working on the whole potty
training thing, maybe we’re
still working on it a little more
than she is.  Any tips?Here’s
her new Rockstar jacket
picture, and a picture of her in
a new sweater for Valentine’s
Day!  And we have another vet
appointment for a checkup and
shots this week, I’m sure it will
go just as well as the others!
Thank you again for a little
bundle of joy!
~Allison and Morris Tucker
She is being spoiled rotten!!!!   Thursday night
she slept for about 4hrs at a time.   When she
woke she screamed!! just like a baby. Well I
rocked her back to sleep and she went nighty
nite. She is So darn smart. She whines already
when she needs to go out. Not one accident in I
hate to inform you but........................................
the house or crate. Her First  Sign being taught is
stop. She likes to bite. My Boston terrier loves her
So much she acts like mommy. They have been
running and playing in the yard and francis wears
her out . She loves to be outside. Oh Yes , She is
barking.  She Met our cat. Loves to bark and
chase her. I know We are a perfect match for
her. I think she feels right at home. Oh yes my
husband fell in love with her right away. I had to
take her to the School Friday so she could meet
his staff. He babysat her in his office while I got
my hair done.. I will be sending some pictures of
her today. I will keep in touch and let you know
how she is doing and If she chews my toes off!!
Denise It was so nice to meet you and your
Husband. Thank you again for making this
adoption happen for my family. It really has been
a blessing to us. We are not empty nesters
anymore!! haha We must be crazy  Deb
Thought that you might
like some pics of our
girls that we got from
you. Tula, Tootsie, and
Tilly. Also there are
some pictures of the
new baby. Hope you
and Larry are doing
Carol J
He is doing fine.
Weighs 14.8 lbs. as of
Wednesday. He is
fitting in great, and we
love him.
Larry B
Hi Denise. :) Thanks so much for
meeting me today and saving
me a trip.  "Sweet Pea" is doing
great.  She seemed to fit right
in, and if she was nervous... she
didn't show it. haha!  I wanted
to attach a pic I took of her
during dinner.  She mostly slept
on my couch with me today.  
Right now she is in "her room"
and no complaints :)  I did learn
she prefers the light on though.
haha!  I'll keep the pics coming
as she progresses :)

Hi Denise,

We got home safely! We were
glad to hear you did too!
Everyone in the household is
pleased including the other
dogs. They are too sweet. We
put them in a kennel together
and they slept all night. :) We
named them Beau( red) and
Luke (white). We also got rain
going home  and continue to
have rain. :(
We will keep you updated on
the puppies. We are so
pleased.  They truly bring lots
of joy to us... Hopefully you get
to go on your vacation!! You
deserve it!
Thanks again,
Hi Denise,

Just wanted to let you know that little paige
is doing very well. She is  very smart and
mischievous!!  We love the little thing so
much she is like our baby!! Ha Ha.
She has more toys than our granddaughter.
She is sleeping thru the night now and has
settled into  a routine. I am thrilled cause I'm
getting to old to get up every 2 hours.
I predict she will be sleeping in our bed  
soon.  I did have a question for you. She is
having the  brown  staining  under her eyes
and just hates the eye wipes. Do you have
any suggestions? I have been wiping her
face several times a day with a warm soft
washcloth and she likes that. I just want to
make sure I am doing what  I need to do for
her.   When you have a chance let me know.
Hope all is well with your Family. Deb
Hello Denise & Larry
Hope this update finds you all doing well!
Spring is here in full swing in Austin- and
of the wildflowers are blooming and it's
just beautiful.  Coop the King is doing just
great! We have a new foster in the house
so he is enjoying the company. Although,
we all still madly miss Lia. I included some
pics of her and Coop- they were BFFs.  
We went down to South Padre Island for
Easter Weekend. This was Coop's first
beach trip. While he loved all of the sight
seeing he was absolutely not a fan of the
waves/water. We timed the temps just
right so he was able to enjoy the
mornings out on the beach and then
napped in the hotel during the
afternoons. Oh the life of a spoiled rotten
frog. :-) As I read about all of the fosters
that come into FBRN on a daily basis, I am
reminded of how thankful we are to have
a perfect frenchie.  I know it is isn't
because of luck- but because he started
out his life with lots of care and love! We
are so blessed to have such a wonderful
creature in our lives <3
Good Morning Denise,

We just uploaded some
new pics of Lucy.

Have a good day,

Different shots

Joe N.
Hey Denise!
I just wanted to let you
know Monroe and I made
it home to Denver safe
and sound! He was
wonderful with all the
traveling, slept the whole
plane ride. He is such a
perfect little guy! I still
have to upload pictures to
my computer, but I will
send them soon!

We took him in today for
shots and a checkup, and
they said he is a perfect
bill of health! I attached
his vet record but if you
need me to fax or send
you anything else let me

We can't begin to tell you
how much joy this little
guy has brought us
already. Thank you so
much for giving us such a
wonderful pooch! Hope
all is well!

-Casey & Kelly
She is doing very well, and I am enjoying spending
time with her.  She is having trouble with being
crated at nightime. She cries the entire time. I'm
guessing she is missing Myra as well! Do you have
any tips for making her more comfortable? She is
also not too happy about being left even for just a
minute or two. All in all, though I am so happy with
her. She is a wonderful baby and she's being VERY
spoiled. Everyone at the vet's thought she was just
the CUTEST thing.  I'll send you pictures when she
gets just a little bigger!

Take Care!
Hi Denise-Just thought you might
want to know that Mila is doing
wonderfully. She seems to really
enjoy her toys/play area in her
new home. We took her to the vet
and she checked out perfectly- in
took her all around the hospital to
show off how cute she is! Jason
and I are both in love with her and
she seems to have taken a liking to
us as well. Thank-you again for
such a beautiful dog. Jason  and
Hi Denise,

It has been a while.  Hope you're doing well.  

Nicholas got in touch to let me know that he's
getting a puppy from you!  I met him on the street in
NYC a few months ago.  He was admiring Norman,
and had to ask what breeder I got him from.  I'm
telling you, Norm is such good advertising for you!  
Everyone loves him!!  I'm attaching a few new
photos for you, so you can see how handsome he
has become!  : )

All the best,

This is my pretty girl after a
digging session in the back yard!!
When I washed her face off she
was not too happy. She Just
looked at me as to say " Just wait
till I get back outside!!" She is
Such a little monster and I  
Wouldn't take a million Dollars for
her. You have some Beautiful
baby's for sale right now. How
are the Bulldog Puppies doing?
Hoping you are finally getting
some rest. Talk to You soon. Deb
( Paiges Mom)

Hi Denise-
I adopted one of your little
Frenchies last September.  
The last contact I had with
you I was feeling like I
couldn't give him the
attention he needed and
wasn't sure if I would be
able to keep him.  Well, I
kept him and we eventually
got through the
housebreaking stage, and
now I don't even have to
crate him when I go out.  
He is so sweet and cuddly
and usually a very good
boy.  You had given him the
name "Austin," and I ended
up giving him the name
"Kolby."  My parents
sometimes keep him for me
if I know I'm going to be
gone alot, and they love
him as much as I do.  He
loves to sit in my stepdad's
lap while he's driving the
tractor or lawnmower.  He
has truly become one of the
family.  I sometimes check
your website just to see the
new puppies.  I would love
another frenchie one day
so that Kolby would have a
little buddy.  I have
attached a few pictures for
you to enjoy.  I have been
meaning to email you for
awhile, but it's just one of
those things you remind
yourself to do but never
quite get around to it.  
Kolby's birthday was July
1st, so I thought what
better time to send you an
-Ticia Porter
sooooooo tired!!!!
Hey Denise,
Hope all is well!? It has been a little
over a month now and I wanted to
send you some cute pictures we
have captured of the boys. They
are so fun and bring lots of
happiness to us. Duke like to
cuddle. He always wants to
snuggle with you. Beau has taken
a turn and is not timid anymore. He
is a dandy! He has not problem
going up to our big dogs and trying
to play or bark at them.
Our vet loves both of them, he
says that is his next dog.
(frenchie) He says that Beau is
perfect because of his coloring and
his facial features.  They have
been too fun!  I am now off from
school and we can work on
training them a little more
Potty training is still a
challenge,but we our anal about
letting them out on a regular basis.
They are getting the hang of it in
the morning because we let all of
the dogs out.  
I accidently misplaced Duke's AKC
form.  I wanted to send them in
and its not longer in the stack of
papers I had. I have Beaus, but
cannot seem to find Dukes. Could
we have another one or is that
possible? Sorry for the
I hope your vacation was fun and
I'm sure you are back to the puppy
business again! Let me know what
you want me to do about Duke's
Take care,
Amanda Juarez
Hi Denise. It's
been quite while
since I've been in
touch. I just
wanted to send
you some photos
of Lulu and Baxter.
They are great
friends and really
love each other
(most of the time).
I hope you and the
family are well.
A couple of more
photos to follow in
separate emails...
All the best,
Hi Denise,
We we just wanted to let you know we
are all at home safe and sound! We got
home late Monday night. Chism was so
good in the car the whole way home! We
found out he loves to drink out of water
bottles and he had no problem eating at
all! He sounds like a little pig when he
eats. It's too cute! We just love him so
much. He is a great puppy and we could
not be happier! Nick told us that you raise
amazing little puppies and he was right!
We could tell right away he got lots of
love and attention. Thank you! We will
send pics soon!
Hey Denise it 's Michelle it has
been awhile since I sent any
pics of Bella! She's probably
about 55 pounds she not as big
as her mom or dad but she's still
my baby girl. Just thought
would send u a few pics of her
and let u see how she looks.
Just in case ur trying to
remember bc u have so many
people. She was Jen when I
picked her out an I was suppose
to get Kelly. hope everyone is
doing well. I'll send more pics
later to u.                            
Hi Denise,

Just wanted to thank you - I have
decided to name him Uggs as he is the
same color as my shoes I was wearing
when I picked him up. He is absolutely
amazing an everyone loves him.

Ollie and Uggs playing - they are best

Uggs dressed as a vampire for

Uggs studying on the way home.

Anyway he's been loved by all and he's
already learned to sit. He's just the
cutest sweetest dog ever! I love him so
much. Hope all is well!


Lilly Sprague
Hi Denise!
Scarlett (formerly Kinsey) is now five
months old, and is doing great! She's
growing like a week and looks bigger
everyday. For Halloween, she was a very
cute pumpkin. I've attached a couple of
picture of her in her pumpkin costume.
She loves playing with a giant stuffed moose
I bought for her, and every other dog toy
she can get her paws on. She and my dog
Gordon have become great friends.  She is
super sweet and loves people. She's
absolutely wonderful, and we love her
dearly. If you'd ever like to see her, we'd be
happy to drop by sometime. Hope you're
doing good!

Mary Morris
Hey Denise,

Just wanted to share
some new pics with
you. He is such a
little joy to have. He
has such a wonderful
personality. We
absolutely love this
little guy. I will send
a couple of emails
with pics for you.

Thanks again,

Karl Brown
The Wild Child!!!

Paula W
Hey-- cheyenne
a.k.a lucy is doing
great she is very
fun and  
sweet.she loves
to bury her head
when she sleeps!i
will send some
just thanking you
for such a great
Yes Please do. She was so good with
Santa. My granddaughter kept telling
her " Paige you have to tell Santa That
you want Barbie Dog toys for
Christmas!!!! " Paige Loves To Chew on
Barbies. This Pup is so good with kids.
I take her sometimes to Maddies
gymnastic Class And The Little Girls
Adore her.  She has to wave at the
kids  while the do their routines. It is
so cute. I hope you have a Wonderful
Christmas And I will keep you updated
with Paiges Therapy Training. Oh I
think She is just about done chewing!
She loves drywall! Deb   Ps This Picture
was in our Local Paper. Paige is a
Hi Denise,

I was just looking at the site and wanted to
send a few pics and tell you how well Uggs
has been doing! He is just the greatest dog,
I am continuously impressed with how easy
he is as a puppy! He's so sweet and loves
every single person and dog he's ever met. I
don't think he's quite figured out what to do
with all 30 lbs of himself! He is very smart
for a bulldog. The only thing I've ever seen
him get upset over was his ear medicine
when he had an infection. We have so much
fun together and he has shot up in size,
right past Ollie, although she is much
quicker! Luckily for me, a slow dog is a
perfect dog. He has a nice fenced in
backyard all to himself, but he loves going
to parks to see other dogs. I have had
strangers walk up and ask to take pictures
of him, everyone stops me to ask about him,
and the people at the vet are completely in
love with him. It is like being best friends
with a celebrity - ha. Here are some pictures
from our recent activities, he has
experienced so much!!

Thank you for the most amazing gift ever!


Denise, I Don't  know if  I can ever thank
you enough for  making it possible to have
Paige in my life. She is the most loving
sweetest dog I have ever owned!
I forget that she cant hear. She knows
everything I tell her. The only thing she
doesn't like is  dogs on TV. She will jump up
and turn the Tv Off!! Last night we were
trying to watch the dog show but Miss Paige
had nothing to do with it!!Paige celebrated
her first Birthday Last Night . She had so
Much Fun!!
It was Destiny That we found each other
last year. She has been such a delight in my
I cant imagine life without her. Who
Couldn't resist  having a 17lb Puppy  
Clamped on to you pant leg every morning!!!!

Take care We will write soon Deb and Paige
Hi Denise Happy
Thanksgiving!  Here
are a few photos I
have more but really
don't know how to
use this thing from
the i-phone to
computer.  Bird looks
cute with red kerchief
on doesn't she and I
brought everyone to
our local shelter for
Santa photos, look at
Coonie on Santa's lap,
would you ever
imagine that?  I will
send more later in
week,  Debbie

Hey Denise, thought I'd let you know that "Angus" is doing great. He is
getting along great with our Boxer. I am attaching a couple pics. Are
you on facebook? My wife has a video of them playing on there that will
bring tears to your eyes, it is too cute. Anyway, thanks again.

Here is a picture of Sully and
Braddock. They have got along
very well. Everything is going
well with Sully.

Hi Denise,
I hope all is well with you and your
family.  I am not sure if you remember
me, but I bought a sweet little brindle
Frenchie from you in December 2009.  
You called him Josh and we renamed him
Carter after Carter County Kentucky.  He
is the most loving pet we have ever had.
I see you have a beautiful reddish color
Frenchie named Cooper.  Do you ever
have puppies where Cooper is one of the
parents?  I would love to find another
puppy to add to our family.
Thank you,
Jim Waters
Hi Denise!
I thought you might enjoy an update on our little Monroe! He's such an awesome dog. He has
become a local celebrity amongst our friends and neighbors. He has such an awesome personality,
we are constantly laughing at him. Although he is quite lazy, he loves playing with other dogs,
going to the mountains and he's even learning how to skateboard! We can't thank you enough for
this little guy, and we will definitely be in touch when we want to get another one!
-Casey and Kelly