Hello Denise
Just wanted to send you a couple pics
of colt. He's still spoiled. The boys
love him so much. Thank you again.
He was 15lb when we went to the vet
on the 3rd of march. He goes back on
Monday. We will keep sending pics so
you know how he's doing. We were
also wondering if you could send a
hard copy of dads pedigree. Rachael

Hi Denise, I hope you and your family
are healthy and happy. I wanted to
send you an update on Duggan who
turns 4 this November.  He made it
into a local calendar called Vineyard
Seadogs. Check him out here, http:
//vineyardseadogs.com/calendar/. He
and his sister Hanna  are the Seadogs
for the month of August. Of course,
he's the one on the boogie board.

I can't tell how thankful I am to you for
breeding such a great pup. Duggan is
lovable, fun and a wonderful
companion. Here are some pics for

Hello Mrs. Ford,
Hope all is well with you and your
husband.  Sorry its been so long
getting back to you.  We have enjoy
our little baby boys.  They are so
sweet and beautiful.  There are spoiled
to death and they know it.  They are
involved in puppy training class
except Opey got kicked out to the
beginner class cause he is a little
grumpy...LOL   The trainer said he is
annoyed with playing with puppies.  
They are so healthy and getting real
big.  They are going to be so gourgous
when the get full grown.  Hopefully
you will enjoy some of these adorable
Thanks Mattie

Hummmm... Should I let them in or
not!!  The three Amiga's !!!

Just some quick pictures. Harvey
actually got cranky when I tried a close
up with this tablet. Edgar is sitting with
Edsel in daddy's chair. Please excuse
the mess in the house we are getting
ready for the total remodel in
kitchen/living room. Harvey was sitting
in their orthopedic bed...not spoiled. I
will get so fun pictures soon and get
them to you so that you can get them
on your web site.


Hi Denise,

Tally just celebrated her first birthday
so we wanted to give you an update
on her.  She is doing GREAT!!! Words
cannot describe how much we love
that little girl and how much joy she
brings to our lives.  She frequents the
dog parks in our area and goes on 3-5
walks a day. She loves it outside. We
even got her a little pool so she could
stay cool in the brutal Florida
Summers.  She sees her cousin
Hammy quite a bit and they are both
members of the Fort Lauderdale
Frenchie Meet Up - its really fun to see
all the Frenchies play together.  Knock
on wood, she hasn't had any health
issues at all and currently weighs
about 16.5 lbs.
Meme (my wife) started an Instagram
account for her (tally_frenchbulldog)
and united with her sister Opal through
it!  They look very similar but Opal is
much bigger than Tally but it has been
fun seeing them both grow up.
Attached are some pictures from the
last year of Tally's life and as you can
see she has been enjoying it.  Thank
you so much for helping to bring her
into our lives - she is such a joy and a
blessing to have.

Take care Denise.

Best Regards,

Joey and Meme Evancho

Hello!  I thought I would send you a
picture of a puppy we purchased from
you last year.  She was born on
January 8, 2013 and her name was
Nellie (I renamed her Ruga).  She is a
happy little girl living in Minnesota!  
She is a great joy to our family, thank

Hi Denise!!

Hope all is well! Crosley turned one
today! He is such a handsome little
guy and we love him to pieces!!
Thought I would share a picture!!

Maggie, Roxie & Stella checking out
their new pool. —

Hi, here are some recent photos of
Mable. She is doing very well.  
She has the quite  the personality and
she has no fear.  She loves our Golden
Retriever and he loves her.
She recently found a large Snake in
the yard and brought in the house. She
fetches better that our retriever.  
She has also never missed a morsel of
food.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are
her favorite times of day.

If you have any more upcoming litters
of Frenchies let us know.  We have
friends that want to get one.

Maggie's checking out her pic on

Maggie's version of

Hi Denise,
Normans doing great, I got him
a small bed and placed it by my
recliner. He will wake-up and
eat or get a drink of water.
Then I take him outside and he
does his business. Then we
come in and play a little. When
he gets tired he will walk over
to his bed and lie down and go
back to sleep. He acts like he's
been here forever. I'm very
pleased with him, thank you for
allowing me to purchase him.
You and your husband are
doing something great by
breeding these puppies and
introducing them into people’s
lives. I will take some pictures
and send them to you this
week. Thanks Tommy
Frannie all tuckered out in Arizona!!
Two beautiful little babies!!!!
Maggie and Roxie for the 4th
Stella celebrated her first
The kids have named him Fang, after
Hagrid's dog in the Harry Potter books.  
He checked out fine at the vet and
cried off and on all night.   :)   During
the day we have him staying in a
shallow baby pool in the middle of the
living room and the kids take turns
sitting beside it and petting him.  He
may end up very spoiled!  

Hi Denise,

We took Walter to a fall outdoor art
show today. He was a big hit and
several people wanted to know who
the breeder was.....so, you might be
getting some calls!!!
We love him!

These pics are from last week. He is
even bigger now!!! He s great. He s
been to an island on a boat. Last week
he went to The Keys!! He is beautiful
and somewhat well behaved. He eats
like a horse and sleeps good when
tired. I registered him and got his
papers yesterday. I sent you your
document as well. You should have it.
He gets more shots on Tuesday. I ll
send more pics soon.


Hi Denise!

I just took this photo yesterday while I
was out on a hike with Franny. She is
absolutely magical. Thank you again
for her.

Farren Stanley

Hi Denise,

Sorry I meant to email you yesterday
but we were busy running errands all
day then had our church's Trunk or
Treat last night.  Carolina is great! She
is the best puppy and just wants to
snuggle all day and night long.  We
took her with us everywhere
yesterday and she just loves being
held! Below is a picture we took of her
when she saw her reflection for the
first time.

Hoagy at 8.5 weeks. We are having a
great time with him. He makes us
laugh all the time.

He's super cute...you can use the pics
and I'll send u more as he grows
Thanks again

Not so Lil Duke!!!!‏

Hello Denise!! Just wanted to send you a
good morning pic from Edgar...aka Hank!!
Lovey posing for fall pictures!!!
Coonie helping work!!! Then lounging
around on the couch!!
Buddy trucking around
Hallie taking a spin!!
Winston taking it easy!!!
Bayleigh living in FL
watching Law and Order
Kale checking out the
Mav and his little Iris!!!
Both involved in watching
I wanted to share this pic of
cowden (we renamed Puff :-) he
is about 2 1/2 now and we adore
Cheryl lesko
Lola is 7 yrs old!!
Marina's babies December

Thank you so much for letting us come see Sophie's parents
and where she grew up. You guys raise such beautiful puppies!!
Sophie is such a blessing to our family. She did great on the
drive home. Slept I'm my arms the whole way. She sure did trick
us into thinking she was shy. As soon as we got her home and
put her down she started to play with our cat and follows me
around everywhere. We already love her to death!! She's our
Maggie girl. Thank you so much for raising such a beautiful little
bundle of joy!! I will be contacting you in the spring for another
puppy. We want to get Maggie house broke and settled first.

Thank you!

Hi Denise, hope you an husband are doing well. I  have been
very busy, as I lost my Father Dec.  18 th.. Wanted to tell you
through it all Lovey is a trooper, living up to his name and still a
Lovey Dovey, what I call him.. he has grown quite a bit...and I am
so happy to love on  him. He loves to play but he also loves my
lap just as much I will  try to send you some updated pic soon..  
Hugs from us and Lovey for now.. Pam

Hi Denise,
I thought you'd get a kick out of our Xmas card this year. It's our
3rd Xmas with this little guy. Thanks again and have a great


Duke is doing real well. He's growing into a strong dog. He goes
everywhere with me, hence the lifejacket on the boat.
He and Bruno hang out from time to time. They look like brothers.
Hope you're doing well I'll send more pics soon.

Baby Stella Jayne turns 2 today. Time flies! She adds a whole
new meaning to "Wild Child". We love our spunky little fireball!

Today I bought a canned food and mixed with dry food. He
seems like them and ate them all. So I figure he just didn't like
the taste of wellness core.. We are thinking switch to the food he
had been eating at your home.
And we named him KUROMAME. It means black bean(pea) in
Japanese Black bean represents "be in good health" "strong"
He's a really great boy and we are so happy to have him:)
Hi Denise !! from Augie Angus in

Oliver is 4 years old. I hope you all are
doing well! We tell everyone about

Molly is still our little princess.

My Maggie won't take her eyes off me in
yard she will stay here til I come back in

Hi Kentucky Mom!!! I am alive and killing
it here in NC. I love water, but have to
keep my feet on the ground. Check in
soon. Jasper Jetta Mattox.

Good Maggie Monday morning ya all.
Hope you can take a little time to chill
like her today, one of her favorite things
to do.

Denise hope your Mothers Day is filled
with happiness love & light! Xxxooo

Hallie and Terri getting ready for the
harvest at Water from Wine
Tony loving to be outside!!!
Rosie(Gaby) lounging at her
new home!!!
Ruby loving her life in NY

Made it home safely with our new  little girl.
Thanks Denise for our precious new baby.

Hi Denise!
Just  wanted to let you know that I got Mabel to the
vet today. They gave her a DA2P-CPV shot. She
will go back for second round on November 16th.
The vet said her heart and lungs sound healthy.
She's doing great.  I love her so much already!

Hi Denise!!
I just wanted to send you a note and let you know
how much we love, love, love our little boy. I can't
believe it was a week ago today that we got this
little guy.  He has settled in so well and is now
quite comfortable with all of us!  The other dogs
have accepted him and Ruby, my daughter's one
year old Frenchie plays with him very well!!  He's
sleeping through the night, for the most part, and
we are working on potty  training . We did rename
him "Bruno Ignatious Gifford" aka BIG - it was so
funny all the way home we kept playing with
different names, I still had a few others I would
have preferred, but Bruno was one we agreed on,
but my condition if we called him Bruno was that
his initials spell "BIG" lol. So Michael wanted to
keep the other names with some type of french
heritage - Ignatious = fiery (oh and he certainly is!!)
and Gifford = brave.
Thank you,

Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that she did
very well on the way home! She slept almost the
entire time in my lap haha she is just the sweetest
little angel. Thank you so much again!

Frankie (carden)& Django (chipper) are doing just
great! They are the sweetest & very lovable lil

Cute, cute, cute!!! Took Rosie (Gaby) for her last
shots yesterday. She weighs 18 lbs. This girl likes
to eat!

Finn is 1 year old today. He is doing great!!! Thank
you so muc

it's Birds birthday today Denise!  have a loving
peaceful day with your family, thinking of you xo

my Queen of Hearts lovely Coonie.

I just wanted you to see Ruby in her red velvet
Christmas dress! As I said before she is the
sweetest thing ever! Stan and I, and my whole
family just love her so much. Thank you for letting
her come into our lives. Merry Christmas & Happy
New Year.
Wagner is doing great! Just got his vet check
and he's doing just fine here in California

Bird Tabasco Maggie all snuggled up —

Thank you! I think so �� everyone that meets him
loved him our vet had nothing but great things to
say about his confirmation and also his nose...
How he won't need surgery to help him breathe...
All the credit goes to you for sure! He's an
awesome member of my family.

Our daughter loves her. She is doing great. They
bonded instantly. She's eating very good!
She fits our family perfectly!!! Our daughter
named her Maddie.

Our little BellaRue is getting along great with CJ.
Thank you Denise Ford for sharing her with us.
She's so loved and already potty trained at 12

pretty snow Coonie at the creek today

So happy to welcome Talon into our home - we
love her already....what's not to love! Thank you
Denise and Larry! You're the best.

Merry Christmas from Burger (Gordon) and our
family! His very first Christmas is wearing him out

Maggie Mae pouting over this cold weather! Such
a sweet child of mine.

Hey there Denise,
I just wanted you to see a few photos of  Bruno.
He’s pretty busy at chewy when he’s not napping
 If you click on the photos and video you can
see Bruno! Hope all is well – the puppies are all
adorable .Xo Kelli
I couldn’t post the video of him from CHEWY
doing the doggie treats—They were very cute!!!

Hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas.
Finn is doing great and we absolutely love him.
Thank you!!!   Jeremiah

Good Evening,
We were just checking out your website and
wanted to send you some updated photos of
Dozer who we purchased almost 4 years ago.
He's so healthy, loving, and sweet. Thanks so
Josh & Marielle Bryant
The Shar Pei is our other dog. Her name is Lola.

We got home around 3am last night! Safe and
sound though. My daughter decided along the
way to name him Jedi... She is obsessed
with Star Wars and the bag you had his things
was too coincidental

Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that she did
very well on the way home! She slept almost the
entire time in my lap haha she is just the sweetest
little angel. Thank you so much again!

Just a little update.... Reggie is 6 months old and
22 lbs! He is full of himself and a lot of joy! I do
not think he looks guilty at all in this picture!
Hope you and yours have a great 2016!

She is at work with me!!

He's adorable we love him to pieces!!! And yes
sometimes the ears are right up there and other
times they curl back a bit lol - we went to Niagara
Falls today it was a lot of good socialization for

Connie’s new princess bed. Perfect. She won't get out of it.
Hail to the Coon Coon, more like Bed for the Queen. Coonie,
aka Lizzie Queen of Hearts.

Just wanted to check in with you. We are absolutely in love with our
little Bella!! I took her to the vet yesterday and she did amazing! She is
definitely a nosey little girl and wants to be involved in everything but
she is so much fun!! She goes until she can't go anymore as you can
see in the picture I attached..
Thank you for allowing us to bring her into our family!

Bonnie Mae sittin pretty. She's Riggs/Betty White's daughter. Born
on 11/22/15. She is such a sweet little dog that is spoiled rotten

I finally had some time today to take some pics of our new little man ,
Oliver.  He and a big day today. He got all checked out at the vet and
then he went to mommy's work and met a lot of special people. Then
he finished his day out trying to play with his new brothers and
sisters, who still don't really want much to do with him. I want to send
a  special thanks to Denise Ramsey Ford for raising such a sweet
little guy, we love him.

On a

Maggie Mae note, good nite ya all!

Jasper trying to bite a helicopter. Nothing remote control is safe at
our house. He will chomp it the second it lands. All of our Traxxas
Cars a teeth holes in them.

Hope you are all doing well! Bella is doing great!! She
is so very full of herself as you can see in the pictures!
Take care Denise!
Sincerely- Kelly


I wanted to make sure we feed Lucy on schedule.  When and how
much were you feeding her?  
She is the most precious baby!!  We love her so much!!  
Already napping with her dad!

Hi Denise-- I just wanted to send you these photos - one is from you
when Lulu (aka Katie) was a puppy, and now as an 8 year old beauty.
She still likes to sleep with her face smashed against surface. She
especially likes to do that when I blow dry her when I bathe her.

Thank you for my baby girl and one of my joys of my life!

We got home ok with no accidents! And qe ate qent pee pee and
pooped now we r napping! Totally in love. Hugs. Gary and peggy

Jasper Jetta says hello!!!


Hey Denise - Erin and Dave Zemansky here
Just wanted to send you some pictures

She's here!!! She's even more beautiful in person! Thank
you so much!

He is beautiful! Everyone at the vet ooh's and ah's over him I don't
think they have had any cream ones come in because they asked me
what color he was considered.. And that's perfectly fine to go on your
website... He has quite the personality he thinks he's a Rottweiler
instead of a small dog lol

Good afternoon Denise!
I thought I'd send you some pics of our Gunner.  He is doing great.
Growing fast! He is not like any Frenchie we have ever had. He likes
the water! It all started when he'd get in the shower with me every
morning. He gets on a pool float and hangs out. He has adjusted to
our family very well! Although he still not a huge fan of his kennel,  As
long as our other dog Tucker is in his kennel right next to him then he
is good. Just wanted to touch base and let you know he is doing
great. Hope you all are well! Take care.

Christy Garrett
Attica, In
Ruby looking out window
Hallie  Lake fun
Maggie and Craig

Brandon and Kelly
Just wanted to let you know we made it home safe and sound we are all
settled in and he is doing great! Vet check went great says he's all healthy
and good to go..set appt to get the rest of his shots in about a week. You
were I!so right about him watching tv lol

Bella (Gretta) is doing absolutely wonderful. She is a lover girl. Everyone
had taken to her and loves her. Thank you for such a sweet wonderful pup.
She is already potty trained. Only one accident and that was upon arrival.

could not thank you guys enough he is perfect..maybe a little rotten but
perfect none the less

This is  Michelle I bought the English bulldog from you her name was Jen an I named
her Isabella. She will be 8 in Janruary.

Louie(Dover) is doing so well! I couldn't have asked for a better dog or him
coming from a better breeder! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much

Just wanted to say thank you so much for Fenten! We love him already!!!
He has been great in the car and has played with chloe the whole way to
Hi, just wanted to let you know we are home safe and sound and Fenten
seems to have fitted in really well already!! He's been so well behaved and
reallyis a joy to be around.
Chloe is a budding photographer so I will have lots of photos to send you!

We are so in love..... Thank u so much !

They are doing great! I am going to feel so bad when we have to separate
them at the end of the weekend :( My mother is staying with me for the
weekend. They are VERY popular in the neighborhood already.
What a pooch!  We love
The Floyds
Lucy is growing so fast!! She is
the most wonderful girl and I
can't imagine life before her.
Because of this, I am forever
thankful for finding you guys!!
Louie's first Halloween costume!

Happy Holidays! Oliver is doing great!

Merry Christmas from Jasper!!  I thank God for him
every day. He makes me smile every day. He is
family. He has so much spunk and love



Hi Denise , I wanted to get a letter to Karla, in regards to a
bull dog that we purchased back in April, her name was
Harmony but we changed it to Dixie Lynn. We wanted to let
her know that Dixie has become a great asset to our home
and that we love her dearly. We soon found out after we got
her home that she really loves to play in the mud and in the
first week of having her she had more baths then any dog I
have ever owned, thank goodness rainy season was almost
over at that point because every time I let her outside she
was in a mud puddle(should have named her puddles) She is
very spunky and loves to play with the grandkids and she
also gets along great with my other dog. We love her so
much we don't know why we waited so long to get a bulldog!
Thanks Again Jeannie Harris

Everything is going great! Lola Klaire slept 5hrs last night and
is eating like a little pig. And Bentley likes her as well. She is
a little bit afraid of him because he wants to play but she is
starting to warm up to him Thanks again ️

Hi Denise!!
I was going to text you last night with some pictures
too. She did well on way home-it was a long car ride as
they got stuck in an hour traffic jam in GA, so they
didn't get home until 10pm that night. She didn't eat
much that day Mike said, but yesterday and today she's
eaten her whole amount. My son and daughter are in
love with her too. She is getting to know her new name
(Aspen) and has been doing pretty good going potty
outside whenever we take her out.
She still cries in the middle of the night(Missing her
mama I'm sure) which breaks our heart-we put her in
bed with us and she immediately stops and falls back to
sleep then we put her back in her bed. She's woken up 2
times both nights I'll text you some pictures too..we just
adore her to pieces

!Aubree Pearl Ford, "Pearl" the French bulldog, is home
and settling in. To say Maverick is excited is an
understatement He can't hardly leave her for more than
5 minutes. She keeps trying to rest, bless her heart.

Bella "Emerald" is ready
for Christmas too. I think
she was one of your
Christmas Eve puppies.  
�� ��
Merry Christmas from
Louis (your
thanksgiving baby 2015)
Bird & our family wish
you Denise a very merry

Here's a recent picture.
Still as cute as can be!
He's a fun little guy too!
She is doing great! Growing
already! We love her! :)

I know this is
cuteness overload!
SANTA!!! 2016

With thanksgiving this week we've done a lot of thinking
about what we are lucky to have. We recently had dinner
and I thought it would be a great idea to say 5 things that
we are thankful for. My boyfriend and I both listed Bristol
(previously Oralia) as number one. She has brought so
much joy into our lives. We can't remember, nor do we
want to, what life was like before her. She was the star in
our family pictures. She is so sweet and has a wonderful
personality all her own. You gave us an amazing gift! We
can't thank you enough. We hope you and your family are
well and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Hi Denise!

Well according to Facebook, it was a
year ago today we met you and
brought home our handsome boy
Bruno (formerly known as Freemont).  
He’s absolutely everything we had
hoped for, lovable, playful and a great
companion for our older girl Willa
Meana (next to him in the picture) he’s
got quite the personality and has fit
right in to our family.   He is a bit
skiddish around strangers, we don’t
know why, as he’s been socialized
since the day we brought him home,
our vet said he just hasn’t figured out
yet that he’s a Frenchie, lol.

He’s certainly living up to his name as
Mr. BIG too, he weighs about 26 lbs
now and I think is going to fill out a bit
more!!! His ears finally stood up, and
seriously, up until he was a year old, I
didn’t think his left ear was ever going
to stand, we resigned ourselves to
accept he had a flop ear, lol, they are
quite large, everyone seems to get a
kick out of them. 

Anyways, I just thought you’d like to
see how one of your babies turned out,
I hope you and your husband are well
and happiest of holiday’s to you.

Thank you.

Hi Denise, a little updated
on Lovey, the Love
Machine... he has sired 12
beautiful pups, 10 were
females... He is Living up to
his name, Hugs from Lovey

Just wanted to thank you
for all your help! You've
been great
Just wanted to send you a
few more pics of Bentley
aka Chevy. He's doing
great! Potty training is
going  well, him and the
other dogs get along
great! And him  and the
cat play all day long. I've
switched his puppy food
to grain free diet like my
other dogs our vet says it’
s a lot healthier for them.
Well just wanted to drop
you a line. Hope all is well.
We could not possibly be more in love with our
little girl!  ☺️ Thank you, Denise, for
your excellent communication, care of your
puppies, and amazing records! Even our vet
commended you! I was extremely nervous buying
from a breeder and I've always heard horror stories
(as we talked about!), however now I know why
Frenchie lovers sent me your way without
hesitation. I, too, recommend you with great
confidence. We look forward to many years with
little Mabel (formerly Sheree!). She fits in with our
family so seamlessly- just another one of the kids.
She has easily adjusted to her new home. I hope
you have a great weekend. Thank you!!!

Reuben (formerly known as Hackett) is loving his
home in Atlanta! Thank you so much Denise and
Larry! We love him to pieces!

Louie(Dover) says happy Valentine's Day to you
guys ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Thank you for giving me the love
of my life! You guys are the best!!

Here's a painting we did of our Frenchie. We got
him from you just over 3 years ago and we love him
like the day he showed up  :-). May be looking for
another down the road.

You always have the best babies Denise I wish I
had the money to build another house and connect
it to mine and I would probably have atleast fifty
more frenchies. LOL You are an awesome breeder
and I love my little Augie Angus with all my heart!
He is such a blessing to our family!

Our Sweet Baby Mavis just loves her Baby Niece  
�� �� ���� ❤ Pretty sure Baby Ella Rose feels the
same way about her  ��

Mavis is on the left and Mabel is on the right. Both
precious babies sold to our daughter, Shelby
Rutter, from you  Mabel was born 09/04/16 and
Mavis 09/28/17
Just wanted you to see the wonderful dogs you
blessed our families with  feel free to share   

#day335 in Oliver's life. Please Mom don't make me
Happy St Paddy's Day
I would love another. But
I think my little twosome
is enough for now  :)
Hey Denise! I'm not sure
you'll remember me I got
a pup from you last
January. "Chevy" now
known as Bentley. I'm
consider getting another
Frenchie. Your dogs are
incredible!!!! Here's my
boy now

Cordella did great last
night and this morning!
She is very smart
Home safe at around 11:30
last night. Brody is so
FUNNY. He hops around
like a bunny.
Double checking before I
pick more up.
He ate like a champ this
am. Meant to tell you
Brody's doctor said he is
in great health and looks

Hi Denise! I just wanted
to let you know that little
Mabel is super happy and
continues to be spoiled &
loved!! She's so good-
and we can't get enough
of her.
Finn formerly  Henry!!
I want all of your puppies  !!
We love Mabel so much. She's the
fifth kid, goes pretty much
everywhere with us, and I she's
really happy! She's the sweetest
thing. She's learning lots of tricks.
One thing I've learned with a
frenchie- people go crazy over
them! She went the the park
tonight and dozens of people came
up to her. It's so cute! She eats it
up of course. My daughters pre
school class has her come in all
the time. Mabel thinks she's one of
the kids  . Thank you for raising
sweet puppies!! Mabel is the best!!

Hi Denise hope
all is well with
you and your
husband. Here
are a few pics of
Oliver, if you
want to use any
for your letters
page. He is
beautiful. I love
him so. He may
be a little spoiled.

Here's a pic of
"fayana" now
Pork-A-Chop 10
weeks, years

This is a pic of
both of our loves
- BB's paw
prints in the
concrete and
Tony waiting to
Tony in mid-air
doing his
favorite thing,
playing with the
Here we are on our journey home!  She was
wonderful- pottied outside and was fabulous
in the car.  She was in her kennel for 2 hours
without an accident.  Gobbled her food and
played with Dominic and Phoebi.  Put her in
her kennel for bed and she laid right down
and went to sleep!
We love her dearly already!  
Thank you for coming into our lives!  We feel

Thought you would enjoy this!  Maddie and
Phoebe have bonded!! They are so cute
together.  Maddie does what ever Phoebe
Thank you

Hi Denise,

We love Harper Lee!!!!    

She is so affectionate and sweet and voice
responsive! She follows me everywhere and
sleeps through the night now, in a
little kennel by my side of the bed.. Hallie
Mae has taken on the big sister role and is
doing beautifully!

Were almost home! He's doing great he found
some comfortable spots on me and has been
cuddling me the whole way

Thank you so much! He is beautiful and so
sweet! I feel he is really special! He really
does favor our other one! Reminds me so
much of him! I think of him almost every day.
Had him such a short time but he made such
an impression on our hearts. Thank you and
Larry so much! Safe travels on your trip to

Here is Maddie in her new dress!  Hope you
like it!  We are having so much fun with
her����, we love her dearly!!!
#day420 in Oliver's life
Thank you so much for
Cordella! I absolutely love
Hallie Mae's favorite place
on summer evenings ❤️

Ford's English and French
Bulldogs here's our lil
Aspen all snuggled up for
He and Pudge are so happy
with one another. And as
you can see, Cyd is too!!
The puppy and I came to
visit my mom for a few
weeks this summer, and I
took this picture of her and
her big sister last night  
Sweet Minnie Mae
(Magnolia) loves her
forever home. Thank you
she is perfect.
Anyone see a squirrel?
They bite each others tails
And run around crazy!!!!
Hey Mrs Ford just wanted
to send you a few pics of
lemmy! she is so sweet
and funny, I love her so
much!  Thanks again!

Jennifer Sumrell
Hi Denise!
I just wanted to give you a quick
update. We named Gillette
Thurman. He is doing so well with
our family. The energy he has had
today has kept us all on our toes!
Our family loves him so much. I’ve
attached some pictures. Thank
you again!!

Riley went to the vet today - here
are the before and after pics

Just want you to know how much
we love our Frenchies! Tobias is
grizzly, just as you described him
as a baby. Thank you!
Gina & Rick Lemons
Your dogs are so beautiful.
So happy we have Tawny.
We love her.

Merry Christmas! Love

This is little Donzi!

Thurman’s 12
week check up was today
& weighed 8 whole
pounds  ���� ❤️ He is
doing great! Thanks
again Denise  :)

He's a devil...but he sure
is a good dog! Thank you
Ford's !!!!!! #hank
Rosie is such a sweet girl who is very
possessive of her mama.  I couldn't have
chosen a better puppy. Thank you!

Jasper before we knew him. His name was
Jett. We got him Christmas 2009 and
officially renamed him Jasper Jett Mattox on
his AKC Papers. Thank you Denise Ramsey
Ford for years and years of pleasure.

Hi Denise,
Hope all is well :) Thought you may get a
kick out of two of your frenchies being on
Chewy's site. Sonny with Steve and Bruno
with me.


Hi Denise,
Hope all is well :) Thought you
may get a kick out of two of your
frenchies being on Chewy's
site. Sonny with Steve and
Bruno with me.

Olivia is a super model.

@mabellicious_11 first
modeling gig with
@bedbathandbeyond! I KNOW
HER!!!! Thanks @tilladozer11
for transporting “the talent” to
her shoot!!
Thurman had a great 9
week check up this week!
Weighing in at 5.6 pounds,
healthy & melting hearts
with everyone he meets!!
We love him Denise! Thank
you again!!

Riley is doing great so far!
He is such a good puppy.
He has been sleeping in the
bed with me every night
and no accidents! He still
needs to learn how to walk
on the leash and climb
stairs but I can tell he is
very smart. We love him so
much! He goes to the vet
for his 12 week shots this
Wednesday. Hope you all
are doing well!
He is 18 pounds. Getting big!

Hey Denise it’s Michelle I
bought Jen you called her
An I named her Isabella
from you about 9 years ago

Hello Denise,
I hope all is well with you
and your family. I just
wanted to send you a pic
of the King of the House.
He weighs 15 pounds! He
is such a joy. He is the
celebrity of my building. I
constantly get questions
where did I get him and I
give them your contact
How is your pops doing?

Hey Denise, Henrietta is
adjusting well and being
such a good girl!! She
had her first vet
appointment yesterday
morning and everything
looked great. . She did
get her 12 week vaccine
yesterday and she was a
champ, no crying! She
has actually been doing
really well by herself, we
are TV watching buddies
already. She slept
through the night both
nights, no whining or
crying, and no accidents
in her crate. She has
been doing great with
potty training too. I just
love her to death   
Here is a picture of sweet
Henrietta in her new

Thanks! Christie Lee

Just now took this pic of
him. He’s such a sweet
baby boy. I’m so grateful for
him. He will be 12 yrs old
July 3

We couldn't love her more!!
She's the best.
Just wanted share how
happy and grateful
we are for such great
breeders as you and
Karla! We brought Moose
(Holt) home the last week
of February & our lives
have been forever
changed! He has connect
with our whole family &
has helped me so much
as I struggle with social
anxiety disorder since
losing my brother
unexpectedly in 2016,
Moose has brought so
much happiness and joy
back into my heart, and I
have you would people to
thank for that! English
bulldogs are the
companions my brother
and I grew up with and
I’m so happy that I can
now have that
again with my husband &
kids! We love Moose so
much, he has been such
a wonderful blessing!

Just wanted to send
you a few pictures and let
you know Tallulah
(Mollie) is doing great!!
We all love her so much
and I think she likes us

Denise! Hope all is well!
We are absolutely in love
with our little girl Luna -
she is very spoiled. I
wanted to ask you
a quick question - how
much food are you giving
your little one Montana
since they are the same
age. We have read
different amounts but
would love your opinion!
Hope you have a great
evening! I will send you
some photos this week!!!

My daughter bought 2
pups from you 2 1/2 yrs
ago. Their names were
carden & chipper. This is
them ��They are
a handful but I love the lil
boogers. Both have their
own personalities but
good ones

Hello Denise! Are you guys
going to be having any
English Bulldog babies
soon?  Edgar needs a
brother or sister!!

My precious boy from u is
growing and my English is
getting old.. I need a female.

Rowdy is 9lbs today. We
couldn’t imagine life
without him.
It’s Mabel’s birthday! I
just wanted to thank you
for being awesome- we
could not love this little
dog any more than we
already do. She’s a
perfect fit for our family-
super spoiled & loved
every day. We love her
personality so much. I
recommend you to
anyone who asks about
                          Gina's babies
                                    Gina's Babies
Hi there! Our little baby
Sal (Lionel) is growing
up  I was wondering if
you could show me what
his parents look like? I’m
just curious. He’s doing
so well and is incredibly
Snuggled with pop & his
brother this morning.
                         Patricia P. Babies!!
                       Olivia and Sydney!!!
                     Olivia and Sydney
             Merry Christmas
Harper and Hallie Taking
it easy!!
Minnie Mae's 1st Birthday!!
He doesn’t like the
crate at all!! We are
in love with him.
Thank you so much.
We named him