Marina's babies  Roxy and Maggie

I hope you all are doing well!
Scarlett (formerly Kinsey) is doing
very well. She turned one this past
May and I cannot believe how much  
bigger she's gotten over the past
year. She is very beautiful, and gets
complimented regularly on her
beautiful eyes. She's very smart and
is very sweet tempered. Scarlett
loves other dogs, and just adores
I figured you'd like some new
pictures. Let me know if you ever
want to see her, as I'm in Corbin
most weekends. I'm sure she'd love
to visit.
Hello Denise!
ZHAKK (Formerly COLTEN) is doing Great!
His name is an abbreviation of our former
He has a clean bill of Health from our vet last
night and has an appt to start his shots in
We will send you pictures soon.

Thanks again!

Hey Denise, just wanted to give you an update on
Diesel (aka Peyton) the vet and all of the staff
LOVE him and couldn't say enough great things
about him :) New Yorkers are absolutely in love
with him as well. I can't walk down the street with
him without being stopped by at least 10 people-I
even had one guy stop me this morning to take
his picture! I've already given your name to a
couple of families :) We couldn't be
happier-thanks so so much!!!
Ashley Cox

Hey I just wanted to check In and see how
you guys are. Hank is doing great and just
like our son :) in which we are expecting a
son any day now:) so hank will be a big
brother soon. How's hazel I hope she is doing
well as well as u and  your husband. I will
send you a picture of hank so u can see what
a cutie he surely is.
Michele Allgood

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know we
made it home safe. He is settling in just fine.
He has slept alot! He is the sweetest thing
and so loving! Thank you all so much. I am
attaching some pics from the ride home and
will send you some more as he grows.
Thanks again

Hi Denise,
We are finally home in Penna. Kale, aka
Adrian, was such a good boy on his long trip
home. He isn't quite sure what to think about
all the kitty's and our other dogs. Thank you
again,we just love him. We'll post some
pictures soon
Sonya Ginn Gift

Hi Denise,

We LOVE little Hallie Mae (Melora) soo much!
She is so darling and sweet and cuddly and
fun:)    She is the easiest puppy I've ever had
in all my life and I couldn't be happier with her.

Hey Denise just wanted to send you all some pics
of Gumbo!  I have a ton more but these are off
my phone because well go figure my camera usb
is MIA :(  He is a little monster, hyper and still
peeing in the house a lt but he is my sweet little
monster so.... Titus is starting to acknowledge
him a little more so that is a good thing.  We took
Gumbo to the vet and he checked out good so far
so yay!  Hope all is well and i'll send some more
pics once I find my cord.

Kristen Belle Walsh

Thank you so much for Buddha. We love him
dearly. He is doing great. His vet check last week
went well. We will be sure to send more photos


Hi Denise we got Drake around 11pm last
night, he is a real winner, what a delight. Poor
Niel had a hard day, I bet he is glad to see
that end. Will talk to you later, thank you am
tending to Drake. (nickname Butch.) Gerald

Hi Denise!
Just wanted to thank you for giving us our sweet
Tallulah! She is the best little puppy in the whole
world and this past week has been wonderful for
the whole family! I will be doing a little shoot in
the next few days but wanted to get your cell #
so we could text u a few pix:)) hope you are well!
God bless, Adele

Hi Denise. Here is a picture of Gifford passed out
after playing with us. He likes to sleep on his
back! Also check out his "massive" stuffed toy
collection... A lot of babies to choose from! And
under that blue blanket is a Bob Timberlake dog
couch... The little guy is so spoiled, and we love
him so much! We are now in Florida, and little
Gifford is staying with our friends and their 85
pound black lab Cobi. Gifford has a blast playing
with Cobi, but he tends to push Cobi around a bit.
Cobi is very good natured and puts up with the
puppy shenanigans quite well. We miss our little
man so much and can't wait to get home to see
him. Our friends are great. They send us lots of
pictures and text message updates so that we
know Gifford is doing well. We still miss him so
much anyway! Also, we took Gifford to the vet on
Wednesday, and he already weighed 22 pounds!
He is growing up so fast. The vet we go to used
to raise and show bulldogs. He was VERY
impressed with Gifford and had lots of nice things
to say! Although we already know Gifford is
special, it was really nice to hear the positive
remarks from him about our little guy. Take care,
and we will send more pictures when we get back
from Florida.

Kind regards,

Cleo has been keeping me so busy! She is an
absolute joy and I am SO pleased with her!  She
was completely fine when I got her and didn't
seem at all fazed by the flying.  My entire family
loves her, including Alex who can't seem to get
enough of her biting him!  I have added some new
pics of her

Just a update.. Toodles is now Tawny. She is GREAT. Loves
everyone. Sweet Sweet girl.. We just love her.

Gumbo (Montana) is doing great. He is getting so big and
loves to nibble on Titus.

Hello Denise, just to let you know that Sully is great. He is
as full of energy and cheeky as he was when I got him. He
is about 50lbs now and looks like he has plenty of room to
go. He is very athletic and in great health. Here is a pic.
. Hope all is well!
Shane O'Keeffe

Denise! I posted an album with Lula's pix on my business
page-for some reason I couldn't post them here to show
you. I can also email them to you as well. We are sooo in
LOVE! Adele Reding Photography

A FUN DAY IN THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Puppy Love...they are never apart!

She is doing Great.  She had so much fun Friday night. She really
missed all the dogs in the club. I had her on a 50 foot Horse Lunge
lead so she could run and play with all the dogs. She has Started
school again  and we are determined to get her certified this year! Hey
you never know, I might lose my mind and have to take here
everywhere I go!! Im sure there is some kind of Phobia I can have. It
would be great! Im glad you enjoyed the picture.   Hope all is ok with
Larry  Talk to you soon Deb (Paiges Mommy

Hi- just got back from our vet with Kale and she wanted me to let you
know that she "applauds" you. She thinks he is absolutely beautiful. I
think everyone in the practice had to come over and see him. He was
outside earlier chasing the ducks he seemed to be amazed by them

Hey Denise!!

Just wanted to send you a little update on Diesel aka Peyton and tell you
pretty much how much we love him :) I think you'll be shocked to know that
at 5 months he's already pushing 20 lbs-he was 18 lbs the last time I
weighed him which was a couple of weeks ago!! I take him to the dog park
close to where we live, and he's typically around the same size as the
other frenchies there who are about 8-9 months old. Everyone here in the
city absolutely LOVES him. I'm still getting stopped everywhere I go with
him to get compliments and he just loves people so much he soaks up ALL
of the attention. Even when we go to the dog park, sometimes I think he
likes to play with the people more than the other dogs :) I have never had
another dog who is such a cuddle bug like he is. He's honestly happiest
when he's curled up right next to me or Brandon-and he's taken over our
hearts and that's pretty much exactly where we want him most of the time
anyways. We often joke around about who he "loves more" He's extremely
smart :) He knows several tricks-and has such a little attitude (that I love)
I'm including a video clip of him "talking" which he does every time he
wants on the couch. We often joke that he's such a little "human" because
of his behaviors-I included a picture of him sitting in the car just like a
person, and he usually lays his head on a pillow just like a person, and is
very affectionate :)

We couldn't be happier or more in love with our little guy-and just wanted
to take the time to thank you sooo much!! We'll send you guys occasional
updates and hopefully even some future customers-our family and friends
seem to be just as in love as we are :)

Thanks again,
Ashley and Brandon
I have intended to email a thousand times, it has a year since
we purchased Izzie and Lizzie from you.  Those dogs have
become my life, they are great! I can't tell you how much we
love them, they are both extreme spoiled and catered to all
day.  Izzie the white/black is the sweet, true 25 pound lap dog,
she is so mellow and needs to be held all the time. She is lazy
and loves to sleep beside you, on you, or where ever you are.
Lizzie the brindle, is sweet and into everything, she loves to
play, sleep and chew everything she can. She is very smart
about what she gets into, so we have a terrible time getting on
to her. They are both so different but so sweet and loving. I
get on your website to look at new puppies, I would love
another one but Russell seems to think 2 is enough! Lizzie is
the momma to Izzie she cleans her face and ears every day,
they are combined together no matter what the other one is
doing.  I will email pictures for you to see them. Thank you so
much for the sweetest dogs ever.
Gina Stover

Hey Denise how have you been? How I'd Larry doing? Better
I hope! All is well here very hectic store is coming along
although not open yet.. I will send pictures soon.  So lots
going on.. Roxy will have a blast with them coming into town
but I hope she adjusts well to moving. She's a good cookie so
I think she'll do fine.
I'm just checking in to see if any pups were born yet? I want
to get her some company.
My warmest regards,
Roxy in her Giants jersey on football Sunday!

Sorry it has taken me so long to do this but I wanted to give
you an update on Gable (it's actually Gibbs now). Anyway, he
is doing wonderfully and I absolutely love him! He is such a
sweetheart and very well behaved, with just the right amount
of mischievousness.  He makes me laugh everyday and
everyone that meets him falls immediately in love with him. I
have attached a couple pictures of him from over the last
several months. I just wanted to thank you for Gibbs! I hope
you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.
Thanks again,
Meghan Bergeron

Hi Denise,
Everything is wonderful to report! Bruno is such a stud. He is
running around and playing! He jumps up on hind legs when
he gets excited and hopefully is enjoying his new home. (We
hope so )I have to ask you….Did you train him already with
the puppy pads and sleeping in a kennel???Of course I had
his bed all ready when he arrived, but if he is tired he walks
right into his kennel and lays down on his bed. Last night
Clegg and I cooked at home for my birthday, so we could
hang with the puppy. We were eating dinner and Bruno
decided he was tired, so he just walked right in to his kennel
and went “night night slept all night (no crying) and when I
went out at 5:30 AM he woke up with me to play  He walked
right over to the puppy pad and did this “thing.”It’s so crazy! I
totally realize I’m only two days in, but he is such a ball of
personality and has made us laugh constantly. He is too
much fun.Thank you for everything. We can totally tell he
came from a wonderful loving home.

Thanks so much. I sure hope your husband gets to feeling
better. Attached is a link so you can see pictures of the
puppies. And yes, they are TOTALLY spoiled!! Enjoy, and
Happy Holidays!!

Hey Denise- thought I’d send you a pic of Ava, snuggling with
her new "squirrel friend" toy. She's doing great!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for everything. It was
great meeting y'all.
Bland Family
Sandy and Tommy's little girl
Hi Denise, just wanted to update you on the pup.
He is fat, sassy, & full of energy, he is a great little
dog. Thank you for a healthy little dog. Gerald Maier

Here's a little picture of our girl helping with the
dishes in her Christmas finest.  

and Fords Bulldog Kennels.  I hope that the
holidays were very good to you and yours!

Best regards,

Kathy DeWitt

Hello ford family!
I just wanted to say how happy the kids and we are
with our new puppy, you guys were great hands
down. I will surely mention your next litter to my
friends and family because

now they all want one!

Best wishes to you

Robinson family

Well 'Lulu' as the kids renamed her is settling in
very nicely. She sleeps in her crate next to our bed
at night and naps during the day in it on her own.
Training has been pretty easy with her so far, she
even whines to go outside as a short warning
We took her to a vet yesterday that specializes in
english bulldogs and he was impressed, everyone
there wanted a turn holding her too!
You were right about her not liking the wood floors,
she waits on her placemat for me to come get her
and take her back to the carpeted room (what a
little diva she has already become!).
Thank you again for meeting us in Lexington and
waiting on us. We had a fun short road trip and she
slept the whole way back.

Hi Denise, just wanted to let you know that Lacy
had her first vet visit today with Dr. Albright.  She
weighed 5.8lbs. and got a clean bill of health.  The
vet checked her eyes, ears, heart, lungs, spine,
hips, knees, temp., coat, teeth, and stool sample
was clean.  She said she was perfectly healthy and
very sound.  And such a sweet tempermant.  Lacy
loves meeting new people.  Lacy goes back on Feb.
8th for her 2nd puppy shot and another stool
sample.  The vet didn't give her any shots today, it
was too early.  She likes to wait 4 weeks in
between.  At home Lacy is really warming up to her
new home and animal brothers.   She is doing
awesome with potty training and eating like a
piggy.  She still isn't sure about the cold weather
but she's learned that if she does her business
quickly she gets a treat and gets to go back inside
to the warmth.  She doesn't love the crate yet but
is settling down alittle faster each time she goes
in.  Her favorite place to sleep so far is on her
daddy's head!  All in all her personality fits us to a
"T"!!! We can't express how much we love her
already.  I'll send pictures next week when we are
into more of a routine and I find some down time.  
Thank you again so much.  Hope all is well with you
and your family.  

Mandy, Jason, and Lacy (Phathum and Bear too!)

Hi Denise, She is beautiful and so good tempered.
She hasn’t been shy at all.  Especially with my
pack.  Well, maybe for a few minutes. I have her in
a kennel so everybody can smell her and she can
smell them. She hasn’t eaten much but she will.
She's a great dog. Thank you so much. I will take
her to the Vet today for her first check up with me.  
Hi Denise, Lulu is doing great. She's a good girl. I
got back her fecal test and she is cleaner than a
whistle. The Dr's office said that is very rare.
Thank You for such a great

•   The Loftis Family

•        Here's Otto's Elway out of the wonderful
JoJo's we got from you. He (Your Grand Dog) is
now a finished AKC champion @ 13 months of age.
He just won his very first Special earning his 4th
Best of Breed. He has beat the # 4,5, & 10 dogs in
the nation. I hope you're proud like me. He is
WONDERFUL. I just wanted to share this with you,
We LOVE JoJo and she is truly enjoying life. She
and her son are our only two dogs & they are

Molly is doing great! She is a perfect addition to
our family .  It took her several days to figure out
how to go up the stairs and she still hasn't master
going down. Lol. We have to carry her down the
steps like a baby!

Dear Ford Kennels,
I have attached some recent pictures of Buddah
(Braden) from the Cooper/Ruby litter. He's an
amazing dog I am so in love with him! Hes
absolutely beautiful and "the perfect french
bulldog" according to the vet. He is 24 lbs. now and
6 months old. Just wanted to share some his
personality with you! Thanks so much.

Ryan and Meg
Wanted to bring you up-to-date on Miss
Emma.....Nicole took her to the vet
yesterday for her final puppy check-up
be fixed. She now weighs 22 pounds
and the vet said she will not need
surgery to open her nose and he feels
she breaths without any problems....she
is in very good health....She is a joy to
Nicole's life and certainly keeps her
busy....the house breaking has actually
been very successful

Hey Denise,
This is Scot Sunbury from Austin. Texas.
We changed his name to Marcel, ( French,
you know! ) We realized that today is his
year old birthday. We want you to know
how much we love him. He is such a
wonderful, sweet, happy puppy who has
added so much to our lives. He will be
traveling with us to Indiana again this
summer for another family wedding. He
seems to enjoy car rides and visiting new
people. I am sending a couple pictures to
you in another E mail.
We want to thank you for raising such a
wonderful little dog, I hope you all are doing

He's such a good dog. Spoiled rotten!
Thanks, Cathy

Olive is a fabulous looking Frenchie...and
such a good girl, too. I'm absolutely in love
with her. As soon as I live in a bigger space
I'll be contacting you about a new addition.  

Feel free to use any pictures you'd like!

female who was in Wisconsin. She's great--
Frenchie lover.


Gretchen aka our Little Monster lol. She's not
afraid of anything absolutely NOTHING! She
weighs around 45lb...I hope she stays this side.
We love her dearly and so does everyone at our
campground. If they pass by on their golf cart
and don't stop to talk to her she thinks it's a
crime. Lol

Cooper is beautiful dog. He went to a new vet
yesterday  It was so good for him!! The vet was
incredibly impressed with what how
pretty/handsome he is!!! She couldn’t get over
his charm...of course he lays it on thick
whenever he meets someone new or there are
treats in involved   We love him to bits and bits
and bits.

Hey Denise!
I know it has been WAY too long, but I wanted to
send you some pics of Emma. There are several
and they range from the first day she came home
to present. She's 5 months old now and weighs
31.6 pounds!! : ) She's a big girl! I LOVE her SO
much. She has become my best little buddy. I
decided to crate train her, and although the first
few nights were a bit trying (with the whining and
crying and all), I can honestly tell you that she
has NEVER pooped in her crate. As a matter of
fact, she's only had a couple accidents in the
house EVER and was totally house broken within
about 3 weeks. She's full of energy (at least right
now) and LOVES everyone she meets. From time
to time she can be quite the stubborn little thing
(like a typical bully), but I wouldn't trade her for
the world! She gets more and more beautiful
everyday and I cannot thank you enough for
such a wonderful experience and for breeding
such a perfect pet! More pics to come!
Thanks SO Much,
Nicole Barker
Different photos of Kale in PA

MR. BENTLEY at home in
COONIE enjoying the
sun!!!Gracie missed the

Debbie's babies
Hi Denise! Harley (Pierre)
is doing amazing! He was
such a good boy in the
car ride home and is
already playing with us
and all his new toys! He is
Good morning,
Just wanted to let you know
great!! Ivy has doubled her
size already. Little Olive is
well on her way as Well.
These are the sweetest pups I
have ever had!! Olive is the
snuggler and Ivy Is the
prankster!! She likes to hide
and attack me. They both are
sleeping thru the night now.
At 5.00 am they are ready to
get out and Eat Eat Eat!!! The
potty training is going good.
I'm getting faster in my old
age catching them squatting.
My house has been Officially
taken over with Nylabones
and stuffed squeaky toys.
Who needs a security system
when all of the squeakers are
like land mines in the dark!! I
will snap pictures and send
Love always Deb
Hello Denise,
Just sending an update on Stella (Ivy).
She is doing good. It's amazing how
different she and Lacy are! But they
are starting to learn how to play well
together. Stella was crate trained from
day one and only had one accident in
her crate the first night. I am just blown
in the house as well. We went to the in
the house as well. We went to the vet
last Tuesday for the first check up and
she got a clean bill of health. The vet
was very impressed with her. She will
get her second round of vaccines next
week. She weighed 6.0lbs even last
Tuesday and today she already
weighed 6.8lbs! She's growing like a
weed. This tiny little package grows up
so fast haha In short we are in love
with her. She is so loving and cuddly.
She is also very vocal! Again,
completely different from Lacy, but
really cute. She thinks she is big and
bad! I will try to get some good
pictures for you soon to send. Hope all
is well with you, thinking of your
husband and dad often. Talk to you
Mandy, PA
Guess who has been keeping us very busy? You are so right.
playing with Trouble, our 5 year old Boston. He is a wonderful
brother. He will play with her very gently. He lets her play with
all his toys including Snoopy which is a favorite. Right now
she has taken all the toys and is trying to lay on them. Three
times he has gone upstairs and brought her one of his
cookies.We got her vaccinations today and got her weighed
again. Last week 4 # 13 oz. This week 5# 11 ounces. Gaby has
gained almost a pound! She has had very few accidents and
does run to the door when she wants to go out. But does not
like rain very much even though she has a lovely pink raincoat
and Kurt faithfully has a large umbrella. You should see her
running in and out of our cat house! They wisely remained in
high perches and she will chase them.
Gaby sleeps through the night although we set alarms and
wake her to take her out 2 times during the night. Our hope is
to very gradually increase the time until she goes the entire
She is absolutely delightful and we adore her!I will send you
pictures when I get them downloaded off my phone! Thank
you for a very lovely girl. Wendy

Hi Denise!

Just wanted to let you know that Harley (Pierre) is
doing wonderful! l  He is such an amazing puppy and
we love him so much! He's so smart too- already
knows how to sit! :) thank you so much for such an
amazing little guy!

Hi Denise! Finally i got a cute picture of the girls
sitting still. Stella loves the camera but Lacy not so
much! Haha. I have another one of them lying
together too. They always lay together now. They are
too cute for their own good! Stella is growing like a
weed. She already weighs 10lbs.! I’m hoping once
she’s on straight dry dog food that her weight gain
slows down. Otherwise  everyone is happy as can
be. Hope you and your family are well. That little
baby boy Ridley is the cutest little guy ever!
Thanks! Mandy, PA
Hi Denise! Hope things are
well with you and Larry!  
Just thought I would let
you know cricket had her
vet appt a couple of days
ago and of course they all
fell in love with her!  :). She
is doing really well and is
such a wonderful addition
to our family!!:). Take care
Hi Denise!
Hope you are feeling better
Just wanted to let you know,
Gilbee visited our vet yesterday.
He is a keeper!!!! They just
loved him and said he is just
Still haven't decided on a name,
but will let you know. He is
doing great. He is eating well
and seems to have adjusted
just fine!
Will keep in touch!
Thanks Again
Kathy Barker

Hi Denise-
We had a good trip home. We
stopped for one potty break but
otherwise he slept. My daughter
loved him. He is exhausted. I
just took this picture.
It was so nice to meet you and
Larry! I'll keep you posted.
Hi Denise!
Hope you are doing well.
I wanted to let you know that Paxton is
doing great! This is his nightly routine....
sleeping in my lap while I read.
As you can imagine, Pax is a little spoiled!
Just wanted to let you know he is doing
really good. We just love him!
Thanks Again!

Hi Denise!

Just checking in to let you know how the
little girl is. She's nearly doubled in size--
it's crazy! She's also getting a lot more
fawn along the top of her coat, and
creamier underneath--sort of an interesting
mottled situation. She is the dreamiest
dream! She's learning the leash and stairs
and is nearly potty trained (just the
occasional accidental pee in her crate)--she
is also WAY too smart to be obedient. She
comes if SHE feels like it. I can tell I'm
going to have my hands full

Marilyn MUTroe... My SILVER SCREEN
STARLETS (aka) Maggie & Roxie

Puff has been such a good little guy. We
are loving him! He is doing great.

Gaby went to her first Beginner Dog
Obedience last Wednesday evening! She
was definitely the youngest and smallest in
the class but performed in the middle of the
pack doing better than a golden retriever,
black lab, pit-bull, and dachshund! And her
brother Trouble!! He refused to sit and stay
but loved heeling and standing. ( I think he
liked looking at the dogs in front of him.)
Gaby loves the “bait/treats” did well at the
sits, sit stays and stand! What a sweetheart
she is! She gets her third vaccination on
Tuesday and hopefully that will be the end
of vet visits until she gets spayed. I got her
dog license yesterday so she is legal!!Hope
all is well with you and that your Dad is
doing better.  Wendy

She is doing great the kids have named her

I will send pics
Thank you for everything we love her !!

Hi Denise!

Just wanted to send you an updated photo. She's
really starting to look like a frenchie! Girldog gets
bigger and bossier every day! Even though she's
bull-headed she has the sweetest, most loving
temperament. She is such a treasure.

Here also is a video of her and my dog Mama Cass
scrapping together. She's just learned how to bark
and she is absolutely HILARIOUS!


Thanks again for her. I just adore her.


Hi Denise,
we took Ridley to the vet and they were in awe
over him. He was in great health overall from
breathing, joints and temperature, temperament,
etc. I wanted to know during his last visit to the vet
by you, what were the shots he last received? The
vet wanted to know. She wasn't sure if they were
the temperament ones or something else as per
the paperwork you sent. Also, exactly how much
were you feeding him and how often. The bag of
science diet suggested I cup per day so I just
wanted to make sure. Thanks again Denise, we are
enjoying every moment with him.

Hey Denise!
It has been a year since our baby has been born.
That would be "Poppy". We have had her for 11
months now and can not imagine our life without
her. We have named her "Ellie", but call her "Our
Little Chocolate Bunny". She chooses not to know
both at times. We have pulled out her Christmas
stocking you gave to us and sure Santa will leave
plenty sugar plums in it. She is such a joy to have
and is truly a kind and sweet dog. Her great looks
and personality makes everyone stop and play with
her. She loves going to Camp Bow Wow and we
have had to start using the code work CBW cause
she knows exactly what it means. She gets the VIP
treatment from everyone there. Sticks are her
favorite and will pick up one twice the size of her
body, lay in the sun, help with dishes, famous in
the news paper and about to be a billboard, watch
TV and sleep late. She is so spoiled, goes out at 6
a.m., eats breakfast and back to bed till 9:30. What
a life! Ellie goes everywhere with us. Her favorite is
Daddy's work and the Petsmart. She is so loved by
everyone. We wanted to share some pictures over
the last year. Hope you enjoy.
Scot & Laurel

Hi Denise,

Enjoyed meeting your husband and you today.
Was wondering if you moistened Hedy's puppy
chow with water or milk? She has not seemed
interested in eating today. She did eat some
cottage cheese I gave her and drank water. It does
not look like she has been missing any meals so I
am wondering what she prefers. Decided to name
her Hanna. Here is a picture of my husband Ben
checking her out. My son's poodle was protective
of her.


Hey Denise, Augie is doing great. He had his vet
check yesterday and all is well. Everyone loves him
so much. He is so precious. I wanted to give a
great big Thank You to you and your husband. I
absolutelyy love Augie!!!Thank You so much!!
Wendy "Spydermonkey" Carr

Hi Denise!

Just wanted to share a couple of 1st birthday
pictures with you of Sierra/ now Ruby Mae. :) She's
been such a wonderful addition to my life!!
Everyone loves her. She's usually the main
attraction wherever we go! Thanks again!!!

Hi Denise! I can't believe I have a one year old!
Lacy turned 1 on 11-28-12. We had a party for her
with my whole family and their dogs. She had a
blast hosting everyone. She is quite the social
butterfly. I have attached some photos from over
the last couple months. Stella is doing great  and
just started going to doggie daycare with lacy
every Monday. She is such a cuddler. These 2
sisters are inseparable. They are the light of our
lives. Hope you and your family are well. Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love ~ Mandy, Lacy and Stella
Stella and Lacy
Hi Denise,
I've been meaning to send you these for a while-the
holidays have been keeping us busy! Hope you guys had
a great Christmas :)
Brandon and I got engaged in July, and had to include
Diesel (Peyton) in our engagement pics. I was a little
nervous about it, because he has a tendency to be a little
stubborn (huge surprise) and I didn't know how well he
would do, but turns out I couldn't have been more wrong.
The pictures turned out absolutely amazing. I can't tell
you enough what a perfect dog he is for us. I recently had
a friend visit and ask me if it was typical of frenchies to
be so "loving and cuddly" There probably aren't two
better words to describe him. He's also got tons of
personality, and loves to "talk" when he wants
I hope you enjoy the pics-and thanks again for such a
great dog!! He really makes us feel like a little family :).

The birthday girls are have'n a throw down for
their 2nd BIRTHDAY! These girls know how to
Ana Paula Alexandrescu
Albus advertising Paula's
Wonderful Candy!!!!

Dolly is doing great, went to the vet this
morning and checked out great. She was
pretty timid at first but has gotten used to
the new place and plays, eats and sleeps a
lot. She has been doing good using the potty
outside too. All is good! Thanks!!

Andolyn R. Johnson

Hi Denise we have been home for a while
and Haeley is settling in just fine and we just
love her to death. Thanks for allowing us to
own her. It was a pleasure meeting you and
Larry today and we will keep you posted on
Miss Haeley.
Hello Denise, I just wanted to let you
home. We were home by 10pm and
Bohdi slept the whole way except for
potty breaks. I didn't even know he was
next to me. He has adjusted so quickly to
life with two big sisters. He is a fiesty
little guy and loves to wrestle with the
girls. He had his vet check on thursday
3/14. The vet said he was a super healthy
puppy and everything looked and
sounded great! We just had a family get
together tonight for the whole family to
meet him. He did so good and is quite the
charmer. He is already getting the house
training down really well. He doesn't love
the crate but it gets better every night.
He got to play in snow for the first this
past weekend in western Pa. He likes to
kick the snow and chase it and try to eat
it. He was sliding all around and loving
every minute of it! My favorite part of the
day is when he just wakes up and is a
snuggle bug. He is so sweet. Thank you
again for giving me 3 amazing babies. We
love our frenchie family! I will send
pictures soon! So far most of them are of
him sleeping on his back with his big
belly in the air. Haha
Take care, Mandy

Tell your husband we can tell he loved
on him every time he had the chance
because he is so loving and, just as I had
thought would happen, he has become
my husband’s side kick. He has kept us
laughing this evening. This morning he
insisted on getting into the shower with
him. Every time he put him out he ran
back in! He finally gave up and let him
stay and chase the water. So funny! He
really is a great little guy and it is easy to
tell that he was well loved and cared for
before we got him. The vet even made a
comment about how many puppies she
sees are afraid of her and she was very
surprised at how sweet and confident he
was. He is perfect in every way. Thanks

Here's Hanna (Hedy) at 5 months. Last
email you mentioned posting pictures...
feel free to post any you wish on your
website. Hope all is well with you and

Lori Ollo
Denise just wanted you to
know Winston is doing great
already almost 20 pounds
and is such a joy to have we
love him so much can't
imagine life without him he
will be done with all his
shots next month and we
will get to start taking walks..

Hi Denise,
I wanted to let you know that I took
Haeley now Miley to vet on
Saturday and she weighed 9 lbs.
Our vet said she is a very nice and
healthy puppy. She gave her a
clean bill of health. We just love
Miley she is just wonderful!!!!

Hi Denise!! Here are some pictures
of Mirella, we named her Dolly. She
is doing great! We love her so

THANK YOU, Denise!!! Haggen is
so sweet and loving. I LOVE him
soooooo much already! Keep me in
mind with you next litter.
The French Family from

Hi Denise!
It's Ashton Sorrels. I'm the one who got a puppy
from you (Harriet) back in June. I've been
meaning to send you pictures of her so I thought
I'd attach one so you can see how she's grown!
She's 15 lbs now and is full of energy! I absolutely
love her. She brings a lot of joy and laughter to
my home. I call her Margaux and the other dog in
the picture is my Boston Terrier, Lucy. Lucy
loves her too. They are little cuddle bugs and
couldn't be better playmates.
I want to thank you for being so kind and allowing
me to make a home for one of your babies! She's
been a sweet addition and I couldn't be happier to
have her.
Hope you and your husband are well!!
Take care,

Thank you so much Denise, you made this a very
easy experience, the next time we are looking for
a dog we will definitely call you. Just got little
baby Norris! We love him and he is absolutely
perfect! Thank you so much once again! We love
little Norris (we named him Bentley) very much!
We couldn't be happier!

Hi Denise,

BB had his surgery about a month ago, and he
has mellowed. I have been told that he will have
shaken off his gremlin attitude in a few more
weeks or so. It has made a big difference!I'm
loving the new English pups. Nellie is adorable.I'll
send/post new pics soon.  Here he is enjoying the
warm sun.
Thanks Denise!!

We are in love! He is the cutest!!! I’m going to
send some pictures, thank you so much Denise,
he is such a good boy, he goes potty right on the
wee-wee pads! I love him sooooo much and
thank you for taking care of your pups like you do!

Hi Denise,

We have had the best day with Hammie! He is
just sooooo cute!! Thank you for his goody bag of
stuff. He spent the afternoon playing with my
mom's Maltese and then he fell asleep in my lap
on the couch. He has been eating like a little pig
and seems very happy! we absolutely love him!!!
Thank you for everything!! We will keep you
updated with pictures!
Kelly & Ryan
Hello Denise,

amazing baby Simeon. He is so sweet and
such a loving bully. He has recently been
introduced to the dog park, which he
absolutely loves and is enjoying the sound
of his bark when he referees the other dogs
play fights. He has also been neutered and
has really picked up potty training and
commands. He definitely enjoys his treats
when we train him and will even shake your
hand for a piece of lamb bites. I've included
pictures of him so that you can see what a
beauty you have gifted us with. I hope you
enjoy them. Have a great day!

Hi Denise,
This is Shannon from Lexington, KY - we
adopted Silas back in early Feb. He just had
his last round of shots (for a while) today so
I thought it would be a good time to send
you an update. He is almost 4 mos. old now
and weighs 11 lbs. (!) He is growing fast but
is still small enough to carry with one arm.
There is a notation at the top of his chart at
the vet's office that says, "CUTEST DOG
EVER." They love it when he comes in.
Everyone wants to hold him.
He is doing great! He absolutely loves our
older dog, Zeus, although Zeus pretty much
just tolerates him. He loves to snuggle up to
Zeus and lay on him. If he's not doing that,
he is snuggling up on my lap. He has to be
next to someone all the time. He loves all
people and is just the sweetest thing ever.
He does not have an aggressive bone in his
little body.
We are already thinking about getting
another French Bulldog, maybe towards the
end of this year or early next year if
possible. I will be watching your website!
Here are some pics. Hope you all and all the
puppies are doing well!
P.S. They don't share a kennel - Silas just
likes to get in Zeus's with him!
Shannon and Silas

• Hi Denise, sorry it took so long to message
you but I couldn't remember your facebook
name! Little Cash, now Pascal, is the
sweetest puppy we have ever seen. My
husband fell in love with him immediately
and has spoiled him rotten. The vet said he
is one of the best of this breed she has ever
seen and has one of the best dispositions
too. We love him so much and I wanted to
let u know he has been the best addition to
our family. Thank you for raising such a
wonderful little boy.

Hey Denise I wanted to let you know the
puppy  he is great. I want to thank you again
and I will get the papers back to you soon.

Hi Denise,
Porkchop is doing great. He got his 2nd
distemper vaccine and weighed 14.5 lbs. I
have tried to post pictures and tag you but
they are not showing up. The kids adore
him and he already goes to the top of the
stairs when he needs to go potty. Just
wanted to let you know how he was.

Albus, 1 1/2 year old. He's the king of the
house. Thank you Denise for giving us the
perfect dog!
Hi Denise! I've tried to tag you in a
few pics of cricket(Paris). Not quite is
doing well and of course spoiled
rotten !:). I think she misses the
Kentucky weather but other than that
she's great!!! Take care. Amanda

Lola's 6th Birthday Party! She is one
loved & spoiled bulldog. We still
remember and cherish the day we
picked her up from you guys when
she was a tiny little puppy.

We may be French, but we're feel'n a
little Irish tonight!!! Bartender-filler

Winston is doing great on Potty
training So far so Good No accidents
he really loves it outside but he
knows he isn't allowed to play until
fully House broke dog Rule lol
Looking to find him some good
Puppy chewable think I may get him
some Cow Hooves Chelsea read
that they were good for English

Bomer and Coonie
Meet Stella the new
Hi Denise,
I hope you and your family are doing well! I
took of Hammie today. He is just the best
puppy and we just love him so much!!!
Everyone who meets him immediately falls in
love and wants to know where we got him
from. I gave a few people your information so
expect a few emails! :-)

Hey Denise , it's Joseph in Texas . I just
wanted to thank You again for" Cavell ",now
"Chevy "and give you a update on him. He is
such a great puppy .He's a fast Learner he
already knows how to sit, stay, lay down , roll
over, and gives me a hand shake.

The boys taking their nap yesterday. Porkchop
loves sleeping with his Izzy!

They romp constantly. Stella is right in the
middle of them & is relentless!! I use to think I
had to protect HER, but I think I need to save
the big girls lol ! Never a dull moment!

Hi Denise,
Just  sending an update on Bohdi and some
pictures of all the kids. Bohdi is an awesome
little guy. He is all boy ! I love to see the
difference between his personality and the
girls. He does this "crazy man" act in the
morning when I'm getting breakfast ready, it's
so funny and my favorite part of the day with
him. He has mastered the bunny hop as well.
And after all that he becomes the sweetest
love baby ever! He is such a sweet, laid back
soul. He has found a best friend in our middle
baby Stella, the brindle pied girl.
They are two in the same. This gives our
oldest baby Lacy, the cream female, her
dream of being the queen momma that doesn't
have to be bothered as she lays on the sofa
with her bones. lol We are so happy with our
family! Bohdi is doing great with all his
training. He is a fast learner. In the one picture
you can see that he still loves his food and
lays next to his bowl often, just in  case
something would fall in there! He already
weighs 13lbs at almost 4 months old. Our vet
comments  every time we go that he is an
exceptional standard of the breed and just in
perfect condition. Thank you again for 3 great
frenchies! They bring so much joy to us and
everyone that meets them. Hope you and
Larry are well!
Mandy, PA

Hi Denise
This is Heather with Titan. I just wanted to tell
you he is doing amazing and he’s extremely
spoiled! You can see in my pics he’s very very
loved! I thank you so much again for being so

I went for my First Walk outside around the
block at first I didn't like it and I was kinda
scared but my mom reassured me and tugged
me a bit then I was like this is kinda neat we
just went up the street a bit to wait for Cody to
get off the school bus but I really enjoyed my
Walk I even wanted to chase a bird but mom
wouldn't let me.. Another walk tomorrow for
me Yay!!
My babies first ice
cream cone! Yum yum.
Hey Denise,
He is a TRIP!!!  Fun, crazy, bouncing around like a baby sheep.  We
are having a BLAST with him – his nickname is the “Tiny Terror”~!!  
He fears NOTHING!!He and his big brother get along fabulously well.  
just gives him a ‘lip bite’ (covers his teeth with his lips and nips at
him). Things could not have gone any better once the boys saw the
puppies.  We talk about Thor daily, but instead of tears, it is all fond
memories and comparing Thor’s personality to our new babies! He is
fat as a little pig – gorges on the food – we have to put it up or he won’
t STOP!  His ears and tail seem to be outgrowing everything else.  He’
s beginning to look to like his ‘kitty cousin’!  LOL Pics attached.  Stay
in touch!           Margie

Taking care of horses is tuff work for a Frenchie ....

At grandmas house with auntie for the day

MUG SHOTS....Faces only a mother could love!!

Nap time!!!


This is Colby Hale & Greg Meyer. We got Javier, our French
bulldog, from you last August. We just wanted to tell you
how great he is doing and how happy we are to have him.
He is by far the best addition to our family. Also, we've
been considering getting a sibling for Javier. If you have
any males that are brown with a black mask, or just all
brown, that is exactly what we would want. If not, we are
still interested in a male puppy! We attached a picture of
Javier for you, He was born on June 22, 2012 litter. Thank
you so much!!!

Colby & Greg Meyer
Ludlow, KY 41016

Hi Denise!

Crosley Berger Seifert is doing great! We took him to the
vet on Monday and he is perfectly healthy. All 5.2 pounds of
him!  We are trying to work on potty training but that will
come with time and practice! Hope all is well with you and
that you have a wonderful time with your family this Fourth
of July! Thanks again for your help. I have attached some
pictures below!

Hi Denise
Hope all is well with you and your husband. Just wanted to
update you about Mattie( Saleena) . She is doing wonderful
and has been a joy to everyone in the family. I can't get
over how smart she is. Thank you and god bless.

Vickie Colley

Hi Denise & Larry,

I just wanted to give you a week #1 update. He had his first
vet visit on FrIday. He got a superior bill of health. Dr. Rob
could not stop holding him. He weighs about 5.7 pounds.He
had kennel cough and another booster done. Also got his
first heart worm and flea and tick treatment. They
absolutely love him and Dr. Rob would not put him down.
I had him out with his harness and leash today....he really
does not mind it!. We also made his new fenced in yard on
Sunday but it was too dang hot to put him out. It has either
been too hot and humid or RAINY.
He is one very smart boy....our customers are just loving
him to death. One asked if the new vehicle came with
Harvey. He knows his name and will come 95% of the time
when called. Teething to no end!
We love him so very much and really look forward to you
having another very very soon. I should have just done that
from the get go.....have one of his kin come with him.
Henry, the one we thought would be really jealous is now
called the babysitter. He just takes care of Harvey and plays
with him.
I will send more pic's as we get them
Hope all is well,

Hi Denise!

Crosley Berger is doing great! However, we are having
some issues with potty training! Do you have any tips or
ideas that can help us! Other than that he is great. He is
very playful and his hair is looking really good! He is
teething a lot but we have plenty of toys for him to chew on.
Thanks Denise!

Sarah E. Holthus

Hi Denise!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for Haggen! He is
such a joy to my heart! I love this little guy and appreciate
you for raising such a great puppy! I hope your husband's
doctor appointment went well and that he is doing better!
Please keep raising sweet puppies and take care!

Amanda Agee-Jackson & Ryan Jackson

my Coonie watching the fire & tv tonite, shes so glamorous

Hi Denise!  As you know, we all arrived safely this morning.  
Mi Mi & I got home at 4:10 & if course I made a 9:15 vet
appt!  Dr. Bruce said she is fine!  Back next week for a shot
& she had her heart worm treatment!  Stool is good & no
heart murmur!  She's not fond of the collar, harness or leash
but she'll adjust!  She is a good eater & so far only  one
piddle accident in the house!

I can never thank you enough for her & the joy she brings
me!  God bless you & my prayers are with you both!
Check out Norbert!!!!


Keaton ( now Snubbs Magee- as named by our girls) is
doing great. He has made himself right at home and we all
love him ( and baby him). He is about 90% house broken
and has had very few accidents. We are going to
photograph him soon and will send a photo when we do.

Just wanted to fill you in and let you know he is awesome.  
We sure love him :-).

More later,


We absolutely love the puppy! She is doing wonderful! Is
faxon still available?

Is it just me, or do they look guilty of something....humm! —

Hey there Denise! This is Heather and Chris with Titan. I
apologize for it taking me so long to send you some pics of
our little guy. He is doing great and is spoiled rotten. Titan
and our daughter Addison have become best buds. I have
attached a few pictures. For some reason my phone isn't
bringing up all of my pics, which of course are the best
ones, but here are some most recent ones. Although, the
one of him lying on his back was a couple months ago, all
the others are new. I saw on Facebook that someone has
been stealing your pics and committing fraud. I am so sorry
to hear that. I hope you can get it resolved and the
thieves/scammers are brought to justice. Well thank you
again for our 4 legged family member! :)


We finally got to do a few portraits at the studio today of
Snubbs. I have several I am going to work on but these are
2 close-ups I liked and processed today. Feel free to use
them on social media or anywhere you want, if you want.
He is so awesome and we are in love :-).
See you soon,
Tim Walden

Hi Denise,
I just wanted to touch base and let you know how Rory is
doing!  We finally all agreed upon a name last night so she
will now lovingly be called  ‘Ava’. I had no idea what a
difficult task that was going to be.  She is such a little lover
girl.  Hasn’t whined much at all.  She’s slept entirely through
both nights without pottying in her area.  Truth be told, we
haven’t gotten her a pen yet so I’ve made her a very warm
bed in the kids’ bathtub.  Conner actually slept on the
bathroom floor next to the tub the 1st night she was here
and last night she stayed in there by herself.  I am going
shortly to our local pet store to stock up on a pen, toys, etc.  
She has done surprisingly well with potty training, although
this morning she has gone twice in the family room (Jena
was on watch duty so I’m not sure why that happened).  
This morning she woke up with a pretty good rash all over
her belly.  I’m sure this is from her belly dragging on our
backyard grass.  Not sure if it’s chiggers or what but we
have an appt this afternoon w/ our vet for her checkup,
worming, etc. so I’ll be sure and find out what is best to help
alleviate that!
I’ll touch base with you either late today or tomorrow and
let you know what the vet has to say and I’ll take a few
pictures of her new sleeping cage, playpen area, etc so you
can see Ava in her new home!  The kids are beyond thrilled
and adore every waking moment with her!

Hi Denise,

I hope you and your family are doing well!  Hammie will be
6 months next week (we can't believe it) so I wanted to
send you some new pictures. We just love him so much!!!
The first picture is of him at his puppy class graduation.
They said he was definitely the cutest student they have
ever had!
The second picture is of Hammie and his new girlfriend
Tally!  They got along so well! It was almost like they knew
they came from the same family in Kentucky :-)
I wish you the best and will continue to send more frenchie
lovers your way!!

Hi Denise,

Tally is adjusting perfectly. She wasn't timid at all, she is
playing with all her toys
and seems very comfortable. She only woke us up once
during the night bc she needed to
go to the bathroom. She is a spunky little dog with lots of
energy. We are taking her to the vet
today, so we will send you the form back after that. Thank
you Denise!! We love her!!

Hi, Hope all is well. Lexie was really good on the drive here,
she slept for the most part after crying for like 10 minutes.
Thank you so much and she is great.
Have a great day
Victor Ortiz

Hi Denise!

Norbert is the best! He has settled in really well and loves
to play and snuggle. His toy from Mama Denise is still his
favorite! I hope you are well,

Krista and Norbert

Jerry and Jasper Jetta at the arena in Corbin

Hi Denise,

Tally is adjusting perfectly. She wasn't timid at all, she is
playing with all her toys
and seems very comfortable. She only woke us up once
during the night bc she needed to go to the bathroom. She
is a spunky little dog with lots of energy. We are taking her
to the vet today, so we will send you the form back after
that. Thank you Denise!! We love her!!

Harvey is awesome. He gets his second distemper/parvo
on Saturday. He starts doggy school on Sunday morning.
He is just a very smart little boy~HOWEVER, when he is in
the mood to pay attention to his teething...he acts like the
shark in the movie Jaws. He comes right at you with his
mouth wide open. This weekend Edsel started to warm up a
bit to him allowing him to lay by him and such. Not perfect
yet but getting there.
He is very obsessed with food. It is lucky if he chews it.
Henry and Edsel don't pay any attention to his meal time so
it is not that. Consequently, I have been interrupting him at
his dish and putting my hands in there so he gets the idea. I
really need that addressed with his trainer too. I have found
out that he loves loves loves carrots! Henry and Edsel just
stick their noses up at them!
Thanks for everything will keep you posted on JAWS!!! I
love him to death..his eyes just melt you.


She slept almost the whole time. She has such a good
temperament she was not anxious or nervous or shy at all
when she came home with me she acted like she has
always been here and did not have any kind of transition
sadness. She's doing great

Happy 4th of July from Roxie!

Stella has drug all these toys to the kitchen. Looks like a
daycare here!

it's Tabasco Zalondek & Coonies turn to go to work at car lot
today, i love all my babies to THE MOON! —

Just wanted to let you know that our baby is doing great.
We stopped a couple of times on the way back to let her
walk around but she did really well in the car. Last night
(after we played with her more) I put a little bed in the big
dog crate but left the door open and she slept in there just
fine. When we tried closing the crate, she got really upset
so we left the door open and put up baby gates to keep her
contained in the kitchen during the night. I spent the first
couple of hours with her this morning (she was still in the
crate when I got up) and she was just as sweet as she could
be. She ate enthusiastically and then I took her outside to
play (and do what she needed to do) then she was a little
nervous until I picked her up and just carried her around at
which point she crashed again while I was holding her (just
like a human baby). I took her to the couch and she ended
up sleeping on top of me for about an hour. She doesn't like
being alone but that won't be a problem here. By the end of
the day today -- after getting all sorts of attention from all 3
of us -- she appeared to be completely adjusted and
perfectly content.
How many times a day were you feeding her?
Thanks for taking such good care of these dogs, and thanks
for meeting us in Knoxville yesterday. It was nice meeting
you and your husband
Hi Denise,
Sorry it took me so long to send you pictures of her. she
is doing great, she's really playful and loves to run
She is now 22 pounds.
Hope you are doing good. I'll send more pictures in a few
weeks so you can see how she's growing

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Welcome to the new DailyPuppy Newsletter.
As most of you know, we have made numerous changes
over the past few months. As we continue to make
improvements, this daily newsletter will be one way for
us to highlight changes, and showcase our adorable
puppies and grown-up puppies.
Daily Puppy: Norbert the French Bulldog

My name is Norbert Stanley, aka "Norb." I was born in
Corbin, Kentucky, but now I live with my new mommy in
the big city of Chicago, Illinois. I love taking walks,
meeting new people, and making friends with other
doggies. Sometimes I sit on a corner until a new friend I
can play with walks by! I love to find sticks on my walks
and bring them home with me. I also like to chew
anything and everything I can find. I make everyone
laugh, and I love to snuggle.

. I have spent a couple weeks in Chicago and Norbie he
had so many friends and honestly you could not take
him for a walk without someone wanting to take his
picture. It cracked me up. He would sit and wait for
someone to come over to see him. he is such a
character. They love the frenchies in Chicago!  I would
bet my next dog will be a Frenchie! He already goes to
the door to go out. I taught him to sit in about five
minutes. He's so smart! His vet wanted to know if she
was going to show him, because he was so nice and so
we'll portioned. He literally prances. I don't know this
breed and if they are all like this, but he so special. He
has been back and forth from Chicago three times now
and just goes with the flow, no big deal. You have
exceptional dogs. I wish the best for you and you little
Frenchie family. If I hear of anyone wanting a little
Frenchie I'll let you know!

Hi Denise!
Hope you and your husband are doing well.  I wanted to
let you know that Ava is doing wonderful.  She loves
going on short walks – trying to eat anything and
everything along the way.  We couldn’t have envisioned
a better puppy and we love her to death!!  She is about
9 lbs and should be getting her last set of shots late next
week.  We finally got rid of that rash that has been
plaguing her belly.  The only thing we could figure out is
she’s just very sensitive to the grass.  The vet loves her
and raves how beautiful she is!  I gave him your phone
number as he has a frenchie that is getting quite old and
would be interested in getting a new addition to his
family in the future.  I’ll try and make some time to  post
our happiness w/ you and your pups on your web site
with a couple pics of Ava!
Take care!
Angie Smith

Still gett'n my tan on in Oct!!!

Baby sister cheeeeze'n it up!!!

Jasper is doing well. We hope & pray that the tumor
never comes back. He is back to being is normal perfect
cobby self.

Pascal says "what a beautiful day!!"

She slept almost the whole time. She has such a good
temperament she was not anxious or nervous or shy at
all when she came home with me she acted like she has
always been here and did not have any kind of transition
sadness. She's doing great!

Cozy with her frenchie family  They have been very
sweet to her!
The boys in VT!!!!!!!
Coonie loving her
Kenley had a pink pet bed she got from my
nieces . She has had it for awhile and was
used for her stuffed animals. She brought it
down stairs a Quincy climbed right in. It's
funny to see him snuggled up in a frilly pink
bed! Lol

Hey Denise,

Molly is doing great ! She has definitely
become a member of our family. We have
of coarse spoiled her with her toys and very
own bed! Lol.

We would love to have a French bulldog as
well. Are there any adult dogs available?
Kenna Williams

This is London the daughter of Gertie and
Gibbs and London's daughter Brittannia. It's
hard to believe that London is 3. London on
left and Brittannia on right.

Tillie resting under the Christmas tree. She
weighed 16.5 pounds at the vet yesterday!
Hi Denise,
Wanted to give you an
update on Tessa. We
decided her name would
be Princess Matilda and
we are calling her Tillie.
My 3 boys are loving her
and our other bulldog
Cracker is so happy to
have a new friend! We
couldn't be happier!

Cold winter morning 12
degrees, hard for Coonie
to get outta bed. She is
the best cuddle bug ever!

Hi Denise - I got Dolly
from you under a year
ago. She turns 10
months old soon. I
attached some photos -
she is absolutely
fabulous and adorable. I
am looking for a
playmate for her.
The girls in the PJS
Lexi with her new bed!!!!
5 months old
Bayleigh enjoying the FL
The Loftis Family!!!
Cricket in Michigan
Hammie enjoying the FL
Jasper enjoying time with
Marina with the kids!!!
Here is a picture of
Emmy! She is so
sweet and smart!!
Thank you!